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If you want to explore the beauty of the country, people, culture and tourist destinations in Vietnam, this category is the right place to start studying this land.

Vietnam has many beautiful sites not to be missed by domestic and international tourists. On the S-shaped strip of land, whether in the sea, islands or mountainous areas, each region has its own unique beauty that few countries can match.

The beautiful mountain places are heart-stopping, is one of the must-have destinations on the checklist of those who are passionate about unique discovery and love of nature. This place attracts visitors with the overlapping terrain, high mountains, blue sky, green trees all around.

And, the coastal provinces are places to attract families and young people every holiday, creating a cool and refreshing feeling. Travel enthusiasts often feel restless if they have not been to these places.

In addition to the charming landscape of the country, the S-shaped country also has many unique cultural beauties, becoming an inseparable part when it comes to the imprint of Vietnam.

Hanoi with the old quarter has preserved the life of the capital of a thousand years of civilization. The ancient temples and restaurants contain the civilized and elegant lifestyle of the locals. Meanwhile, the big city of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh with a vibrant pace of life and contains cultural diversity created by the convergence of people from many different regions.

Hue is one of the places where Vietnam’s cultural imprint is most clearly shown, from old monuments and works to forms of cultural activities and cuisine.

Hoi An, being such cultural heritage, still has a nostalgic, poetic and peaceful look on the calm Thu Bon river. The architecture here is typical of a traditional Southeast Asian port town, preserved intact, with the imprints of cultural interference.

In addition to the majestic and beautiful natural scenery at Trang An eco-tourism area of Tam Coc – Bich Dong, the complex also has cultural destinations such as King Dinh – King Le temple, Bai Dinh pagoda, Hoa Lu citadel…

The beauty of Vietnam will gradually appear in every hour of every day, on every trip through different regions. You will see the innocent smiles of the children playing, the sincere smiles of the innocent farmers.

Please range your time to step into Vietnam with us!