Top 5 reasons you will love Vietnamese people

Many foreign tourists have good impressions of the Vietnamese people when traveling to the country. Almost all of them said that the kindness and hospitality of the local people are great, bearing a strong feeling.

vietnamese people
A smile on the face of a Vietnamese man while working. trilemedia/pixabay

1. The spirit of kindness in Vietnam

In other countries, Christmas is an occasion for people to remind them to give more than to receive, as well as to be kind to those around them.

But in Vietnam, you will realize that you do not have to wait until Christmas to remind each other of kindness because the Vietnamese people will show the kind feature to you in daily life.

When you are invited to a family in Vietnam, you will find out how the people discover the kindness of members when they welcome you.

The way they cook Vietnamese food for you or give a warm hug to you tells you that the warmest feelings coming from their heart. Not only food or a hug but also the important thing is an acceptance to welcome a guest coming to their house.

At that moment, you will understand the amazing beauty of Vietnamese culture. That is reception. And that love has grown over the years.

One day, you will be a loved foreigner in a Vietnamese family where even only one person can speak English to you.

It is the best demonstration of unconditional human kindness you can meet in the daily life of the Vietnamese. And, you find all over Vietnam: a kindred spirit in everyone.

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2. Good-hearted feature of Vietnamese young people

On the way traveling along Vietnam, you may get a lot of young people in Vietnam, who can create impressive feelings for you.

Young Vietnamese people have a kind heart and love to do good deeds. There are many groups of young people joining hands to help the homeless or disadvantaged.

Not difficult for you to meet a group of young people in Hanoi, who goes to collect items supported by the local. They add packets of instant noodles to their bags and ride motorbikes around Hanoi to give the packages to those who need them. These are the students. They don’t have much money but help people with all their hearts.

However, there are also other small, unhappy things that you may encounter are Vietnamese people who rarely thank or show an appreciative smile. For example, they can go past a door when you are trying to open it and keep it for them, but they can never say “thank you” and don’t even look at you. So, you are not surprised with this thing, because not saying thanks does not mean that they do not thank you. You may know this to accept the minor characters of the locals.

3. Great joy from good people on the road

One day, you can meet help from a strange person on the road when you do not know where to go, or your motorbike stopped because of no gasoline left. A local man can give you a hand by transferring gas from his motorbike to yours if you are far away from the gasoline station.

Surely, you are amazed and extremely grateful for this unexpected valuable help. You want to return the gas bill, but possibly he refuses your money or does not receive any tips and drives away. That memory will live in your mind because it is wonderful to see such kind people in my life. But, that is true when many Vietnamese people are available to support you when you are in that situation.

How simple it is to do good deeds but bring great joy to others. That thing often happening in Vietnam reminds each other to be kind to everyone around us without expecting anything in return. Selfless kindness will spread in the community.

4. Friendly to welcome a new guest

Everywhere also has a few people who would be called unfriendly. On the contrary, you can find many times someone supports you, such as translate for you in the local store. Surely, you appreciate the good deed very much.

If you have a friend in Vietnam, when you visit her/his house, your anxiety will go away, because, despite the language difference, your friend’s family also tries to make you feel natural.

If there are a few English-speaking people in the family, they even help you feel more comfortable. It is easy when you want to go around the city or countryside, one of the family is available to take you on a motorbike to ride around.

They can teach you to learn how to pray in front of the ancestor’s altar, show you how to use chopsticks easily, even the way to drink beer like a local, or study famous beer brands in Vietnam.

The most deeply is the fact that they allow a stranger into their family and greet that person like family. This is the warmest thing of many families in Vietnam to give you when you are a foreign guest.

5. Work hard to get ahead in life

Along with the beautiful country of Vietnam, from urban to rural areas, you will easily encounter images of Vietnamese people’s hard work, no matter young or old.

They work hard to have a happier and more fulfilling life, they try to overcome their cruel fate to find joy and useful reason to live. Maybe it is the spirit of overcoming difficulties that have followed Vietnamese people from hardship to nowadays.

Pictures of a boy selling lottery tickets, an old man fixing a car on the side of the road, a woman working hard to pick up trash, or a farmer working in the fields… All of them try their best. Every day, strive for a better life.

Daily life in Vietnam goes on, the image of hard workers in Vietnam will leave you with lovely everyday moments when visiting the S-shaped country.

Frequently asked question about Vietnamese people

What is the average life expectancy of Vietnamese people?

According to the results of the 2019 Population and Housing Census, the average life expectancy of Vietnamese people is 73.6 years old; in which, the life expectancy of men is 71 years, of women is 76.3 years.

Although the average life expectancy of Vietnamese people is relatively high, the number of years living with the disease is also quite large. The estimated number of years living with the disease for women in Vietnam is 11 years, while that of men is 7 years.

Which group in Vietnam has the largest number of people?

Vietnam has an estimated population of over 96 million people. Out of 54 ethnic groups living in this country, the Kinh or Viet group owns the largest number of Vietnamese people, over 86% of the country’s population. Kinh people live mainly in plains and coastal areas.

With a large number of ethnic groups, 54 ethnic groups, Vietnam is a country with multi-cultural colors. Each ethnic group has its own cultural customs, creating the unity and diversity of Vietnamese culture.

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