14 beautiful beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam owns a coastline nearly 3,260 km long, creating plenty of very beautiful beaches with clear and cool water, very suitable for sea lovers. Please come with us to explore the most lovely beaches in this country for planning your perfect trip!

1. Lang Co Beach in Hue

lang co beach
So lovely to look at Lang Co Beach. ©HueFlavor

Considered a pristine place, Lang Co in Hue covers a long white sand beach that comes with turquoise blue water.

Lang Co beach has a good season to swim from April to the end of August with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for beach lovers.

2. My Khe Beach in Da Nang

my khe beach in da nang
So nice to rest in My Khe beach. ©HueFlavor

Starting from the Son Tra peninsula to the area of the Marble Mountains about 10km, My Khe becomes one of the most beautiful Vietnamese beaches. This destination attracts millions of tourists every year.

My Khe beach creates a great impression on the travelers thanks to the lovely sand, shallow water level, quietness, and peace of the coast. Besides, the forest of coconut trees and crescent-shaped sea are also very good-looking.

3. Bai Bac Beach on Cham Island

bai bac beach cu lao cham
The wild Bai Bac Beach. Photo: culaochamtour

Recognized as one of the most lovely beaches in Vietnam, Bai Bac beach comes with its very clean water and nice scenery. In addition, known as a green paradise, with no waste and no pollution, the island is beautiful.

On the peaceful islands full of sunshine and wind, you will enjoy the exciting feelings during the sunny days on this beach. Besides Bai Bac, you can choose to come to these beaches Bai Huong, Bai Lang, and Bai Xep.

Not far from Hoi An ancient town, the wild Cu Lao Cham Islands have welcome tourists over the country. To come to the beaches on this island, you have to use a boat or speed boat.

4. Long Beach in Phu Quoc

long beach phu quoc
Lovely Bai Dai in the island of Phu Quoc. @hg.pham

Long Beach, one of the beautiful beaches on Phu Quoc island, runs along the southwest island, on Tran Hung Dao street.

It is called Long beach (Bai Truong or Bai Dai in Vietnamese) because the beach has a length of 20 km stretching from Dinh Cau cape to Khoe Tau Ru.

Coming along with a length of 20 km, this beach is divided into lots of small sections, connected by rocky yards, rows of trees, and fishing villages.

Many people consider the long beach is the most beautiful place to enjoy the sunset over the sea in Vietnam.

5. Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao

dam trau beach in con dao
Wonderful beach Dam Trau. @dinhkuti

Dam Trau Beach is considered a yellow silk band on the green sea. One side of the beach crosses the forest, the other half lying on the sea.

The beach owns steep cliffs that add to the majestic shape, and sloping rocks stretching to the edge of the sea.

The majestic impression of the mountains and the deep feelings of the endless sea in Dam Tau is an inspiration for travelers coming here, even the most demanding guests must soften their hearts.

6. Bai Sao Beach in Phu Quoc

bai sao phu quoc
Very impressive coconut trees in Bai Sao. @ntth_vietnam

With a length of 7 km, Bai Sao is the most beautiful beach on Phu Quoc island with a crescent moon when looking at it from above.

Typically, the Bao Sao sand is pure white, smooth as cream, and not as yellow as sand in Nha Trang or Vung Tau.

Nestled in the loving arms of two gentle mountain ranges, Bai Sao carries a quiet space and fresh climate for tourists.

7. Trieu Duong Bay in Phu Quy

trieu duong phu quy
On the beach at Trieu Duong bay. @shawolmeu

Trieu Duong Bay on Phu Quy Island is a popular place for the locals and lots of visitors because of its wide and white sandy beach. Also, its clear water stretches along with the shady poplar forest along the shore.

In the afternoon is suitable to travel to Trieu Duong Bay, and you can swim in the cool clear blue sea water, and soft waves, being an exciting feeling and comfort.

8. Nhat Le Beach in Dong Hoi

nhat le quang binh
Nhat Le beach in Dong Hoi – Quang Binh. @mie.titu

Visiting Nhat Le beach in Quang Binh province, you can enjoy the gentle beauty of this place combined with the idyllic charm of nature.

Nhat Le beach owns iridescent sand under the green poplar trees. You will find different impressions of this sparkling jade-colored seawater that has not been polluted.

9. An Binh Beach in Ly Son Island of Quang Ngai

an binh beach ly son
An Binh beach on Ly Son Island. Photo: Manh Ha (FB)

A small Island in the complex of Ly Son island in Quang Ngai has a narrow area, but it owns a surprisingly beautiful beach with fine white sand.

Ly Son island is attracting many Vietnamese young people during the summer time from May to September, but not many foreigners.

Please list this destination in your journeys if you want to find the different beauty of beaches in Vietnam.

10. Bai Trang Beach in Mui Dinh of Ninh Thuan Province

bai trang beach in mui dinh
Bai Trang Beach in Mui Dinh – Ninh Thuan. Photo: Hoang Guitar (FB)

Mui Dinh belonging to Ninh Thuan makes you fall in love for the first time with its fine brown-yellow sand and clear water. This small settlement beach is curved in a semicircle shape with very calm waves.

Spending time in Bai Trang, it is wonderful to lie down on the sand and enjoy the best fresh air that the sea of ​​Mui Dinh brings you.

11. Ky Co Beach in Quy Nhon

ky co beach in quy nhon
Ky Co beach is waiting for you. @jennie_thanh_giang

Ky Co beach is nearly 25 km from Quy Nhon city center, belonging to Nhon Ly island with wild beauty, and cool water. It is because this beach does not know much by tourists, so it still preserves its wild charm.

Yellow sand combines with green sea and sky colors, making Ky Co more beautiful, being a natural colorful picture.

After swimming at Ky Co beach, you can also go to Bai Dua (Pineapple beach) to dive and see beautiful corals.

12. Bai Nam Beach in Son Tra Peninsula

nam son tra beach dânng
Photo: HueFlavor

Bai Nam Beach in the Son Tra peninsula is one of the beautiful beaches in Da Nang City and Vietnam.

Standing at My Khe beach in Da Nang, you will see Bai Nam in the distance.

A few hundred meters away from the coast of Bai Nam beach is a very beautiful coral area, that is good for diving activities.

13. Co To Con island beach

co to con beach
Wild beach in Co To Con Island. Photo: @ngocchi18

Co To Island has no inhabitants, and is far from the big central island, so its beaches still retain the wild beauty of nature.

After swimming in the green and clear water, you can collect sea shells for souvenirs.

To travel to Co To island, you move near Bac Van beach, there will be a pier to move to Co To Con island.

14. Sa Huynh Beach in Binh Ba Island of Khanh Hoa

sa huynh beach in binh ba
Sa Huynh Beach in Binh Ba island. Photo: Binh Ba Phuot (FB)

In Binh Ba island belonging to Khanh Hoa province, a beautiful Sa Huynh beach owns lovely white sand and clear water.

To visit this beach, you have to travel by boat because it is quite far from other beaches on the small island of Binh Ba.

When staying on Sa Huynh beach in Binh Ba, you will feel that you are lost on the most beautiful beach on the planet.

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Now it is your turn! Prepare your luggage with swimming suits and sun cream to start your exploration and get relaxation on the picturesque beaches in Vietnam.

However, for a few beaches in remote places or on islands, you have to pay attention to methods to transfer to them. Asking a local person is the best way to reach them.

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