Vietnam women: What are their beautiful features kept?

The virtues and good qualities of women such as bravery, ingenuity, gentleness, patience, tolerance, kindness, loyalty, etc. are always appreciated and valued. Women still play a leading role in preserving family traditions and educating children.

Here are more lovely characters that you can find out a Vietnamese woman.

vietnamese woman
Vietnam women owns lots of nice characters. Photo: Loifotos/pexels

1. Good at cooking

The change of thinking about the roles of women can replace the work in a day for both genders. Housework does not default to female jobs. However, you can find lots of girls in Vietnam who cook and do chores very well.

A girl becomes more attractive to others because of their good skills in cooking good dishes. This work contributes to keeping the culture of family and society when plenty of fast food shops grow.

2. Gentle and inspiring voice

Due to the nature of the Vietnamese language itself and adding six tones, this one has naturally created the inspiring voice of Vietnam women.

You will be surprised to recognize that the female Vietnamese people talk like birds singing or sometimes whisper like a spring’s sound. Their voice is very gentle and clear. However, do not let them angry, you cannot find out more beautiful voice.

3. Educated and intelligent with sophisticated thinking

When getting married, a female person still respects her husband but often adds her own voice if her husband does not behave suitably.

Many ladies have a higher level of education, and some of them are even more educated than men. Also, intelligence and sensitivity at work and in the family are good features of the female.

4. Beautiful and feminine coming along with them

Most Vietnamese women are beautiful with gentle features even though they are simple and get little care of their appearance.

Although it’s hard to get high positions in international beauty contests, in daily beauty, Vietnamese women are recognized as the most beautiful in ASEAN because of their soft skin, slim figure, pretty eyes, and long straight black hair as smooth as silk.

In addition, women in Vietnam are hard-working, dieting, and like to take care of manicures and trendy clothes, making them more beautiful.

5. Say no to alcohol and cigarette

All around the world is aware of how the excessive use of alcohol and cigarette has a negative impact on physical and psychological health.

So, most Vietnamese female people say no to alcohol and cigarette, which makes them much more admired. Typically, a girl gets pregnant, she tried to stay away from cigarette smoke. Thus, please do not smoke near a lady carrying a baby.

6. Love her family wholeheartedly

Most Vietnamese women when they are married often wholeheartedly take care of their husbands and children and build their small families.

Additionally, they are also filial to their parents-in-law and parents and look after other kinship relationships.

Many ladies in Vietnam think their marriage means forever, living together until the end of life. If there are any conflicts, they close the door to discuss each to solve the issues better.

7. Independent but always supporting their partners

In modern life, no longer just staying at home or taking care of the fields, the female in Vietnam can get married, give birth to children, and still work to contribute to the family’s economy.

Working in society to earn money supports the ladies more confidence, escaping from the stress of caring for babies and housework although being good at chores.

Making balance the society’s jobs and housework by sharing the work with the husband and other members of the family, creating a warm atmosphere and keeping the divorce rate to stay at a low level in Vietnam.

8. Loyal and reliable living in most Vietnamese ladies

No customs punish adulterous women as severely as in many areas in some other countries, but the rate of Vietnamese ladies committing adultery is very low.

It’s also because considering the notion that relationships outside of husbands and wives are illegal, getting ethical violations, and affecting other family happiness.

If their love or marriage rises problems, Vietnam women tend to find solutions by asking friends or other family members for advice. Many of them accept difficulties to keep love and family. All of that creates the quality of being faithful and trustworthy.

9. Simplicity and sincerity with the others

In recent times, Vietnamese females are no longer so simple in dressing, they catch up being fashionable quickly. Becoming a middle-income country, women in Vietnam have more chances to have much more fashionable and gorgeous.

But, simplicity comes with a simple lifestyle of ladies here, not demanding, not showing off, keeping enough at abilities. Many of them are shy, but they often show faith to others.

10. Hardworking and energetic to overcome difficulties

Whatever being manual laborers or housewives, the local women do their best at work, from hard ones or meticulous manual jobs. They also do work that requires patience and high sacrifice like taking care of children.

Minding a sense of responsibility and love for their family, the female in Vietnam have the strong energy to overcome the challenges and hardships of life.

11. Owning traditional beauty and life

Although many changes in the life of the women, the females in Vietnam still retain many fine traditions.

Nowadays, the ancient concept of following the husband and son remains among a few middle-aged or old women, but the large numbers of women go out to work in the labor market, not less than men.

Despite that, concepts such as compassion, tolerance, loyalty, filial piety, and elegance are still traditional qualities recognized and developed by individuals, families, and society, typically women. Moreover, Vietnamese women also learn the beauty of traditions from other countries, which helps them be more attractive in the eyes of others.


Above are the top features that Vietnam women own, which makes the other gender and typically foreigners love them.

Please note that not all good attributes can apply to all women in Vietnam; however, lots of characteristics above stay in plenty of Vietnamese females.

Like other girls in the world, each person covers an individual universe, creating mysteries needed to discover. Surely, the images of Vietnamese girls wearing a long traditional dress and the way they do and talk to you can become a lovely memory for you.

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