Beers in Vietnam Loved By Lots Of Users

With a mild spicy concentration and an indescribable aroma, beers in Vietnam gradually become a familiar drink at parties or relaxing after stressful working hours.

beers in vietnam

Not only that, but this alcoholic beverage also brings many great health benefits. With an abundance of potassium and magnesium, beer helps prevent the development of kidney stones while adding a lot of vitamin E, slowing down the aging process, and bringing smooth, bright skin.

Understanding the tastes of users, on the market today, there are countless different brands with many various types of beer for drinkers to choose freely. In this article, we will introduce to you the most popular tasty beers in the Vietnamese market.

1. Saigon Special Beer

saigon special beer
Photo: Saigon Special Beer – Sabeco

As the oldest brand of Saigon beer, Saigon Special beer has been on the market for more than 20 years and continuously receives the favor of drinkers.

Saigon Special Beer is designed with bold masculinity, the image of the Golden Dragon stands out on the luxurious blue background, bringing a strong attraction.

Ingredients from 100% barley with modern technology lines, combined with traditional fermentation methods create a new flavor but are still a bit familiar.

The alcohol content of this beer is 4.9%, so it may be suitable for those with a low alcohol intake.

The current product price is about:

  • 13,500 VND / 330ml can,
  • 79,000 VND / lot of 6 330ml cans

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2. Tiger Beer

tiger beer vietnam
Tiger beer. Photo: internet

Tiger beer was introduced to the Vietnamese market in 1932, and up to now, this one has become extremely famous and popular in many countries.

Every product has to go through a rigorous production process and carefully selected materials.

All create the bitter taste of yeast, mixed with a little sweetness of barley, this beer has a shiny golden color so it is extremely eye-catching and attractive to the taste buds.

Tiger beer is one of the most popular in restaurants and it has an alcohol content of 5%.

The current product price is about:

  • VND 15,500/can of 330ml,
  • VND 90,000/lot of 6 cans of 330ml

3. Beer 333

beer 333
Beer 333. @bia333.sabeco

Beer 333 is an outstanding product of SABECO company that is favored by lots of consumers in Vietnam.

With a gentle barley aroma and smooth beer foam, with just one sip, the flavor of hops and grains will immediately dissolve in the throat, providing a rich bitter, and sweet aftertaste.

If you are a fan of the high-volume drink, beer 333 is a perfect choice, the alcohol content of this beer is 5.3%, higher than other beers on the market.

The current product price is about:

  • 11,500 VND / can of 330ml,
  • 68,000 VND / lot of 6 cans of 330ml,
  • 255,000 VND / carton of 24 cans of 330ml.

4. Sapporo Beer

Sapporo Beer Vietnam

Sapporo beer is designed with a luxurious silver can, featuring a sparkling gold star image, which can be used as a gift for relatives and friends.

This beer has used advanced technology with a balanced amount of barley and hops, giving customers a rich, tasty, fresh malt flavor.

Ultra-fine beer foam particles will penetrate your throat, bringing an exciting feeling of refreshment.

The current product price is about: 16,500 / 330ml can

5. Heineken Beer

heineken beer vietnam
Heineken beer. Photo: internet

If you like the light taste of beer when fermented, Heineken beer is a great suggestion for you. Heineken beer still has a bit of bitterness when enjoyed but only an extremely mild bitter, transiently quick, mixed with an extremely stimulating barley aroma.

This is one of the best beers in Vietnam, loved by both men and women. With a rather smooth taste, this Heineken Lager beer is easy to drink, so it is suitable for many different drinkers.

In addition to common ingredients such as barley, and hops, Heineken beer also wins the hearts of users when it adds A-Yeast® yeast, which when aged for a long time, this substance will create a sweet after tasting with a faint scent like honey.

The current product price is about:

  • 17,500 VND / 330ml can,
  • 105,000 VND / lot of 6 cans of 330ml,
  • 405,000 VND / carton of 24 cans of Heineken 330ml.

6. Beer Budweiser

budweiser beer Vietnam
Photo: Bia Budweiser (FB)

As a familiar brand on every table, Budweiser beer is considered the King of beers.

Fermented with malts and hops and premium US ingredients, all aged in oak barrels, this beer offers wonderful tropical fruit flavors when enjoyed.

With a white background design and luxurious gray text, Budweiser beer quickly captures all the customers’ eyes. Just open the lid, the sweet and bitter taste and the cool aroma will knock you down at the first sip.

The current price of Budweiser beer is about:

  • 17,000 VND / 330ml can,
  • 98,000 VND / lot of 6 330ml cans,
  • 320,000 VND / carton of 20 330ml cans.

7. San Miguel Red Horse Beer

San Miguel Red Horse Beer
Photo: Heo Corner (FB)

San Miguel Red Horse beer originates from the Philippines but is processed and selected ingredients according to strict Spanish standards.

With the characteristic aroma of barley and the mild bitterness of hops, this beer will quickly attract you from the first taste.

With an alcohol content of 8%, San Miguel Red Horse beer is a great idea for those with extremely strong alcohol content who like to challenge themselves.

The current product price is about:

  • 23,000 VND/500ml can,
  • 260,000 VND/carton of 12 500ml cans.

8. Hoegaarden Rosee Beer

Hoegaarden Rosee Beer Vietnam

As a late birth product of the Hoegaarden brewers, Hoegaarden Rosée beer is produced according to modern Belgian technical processes with the main ingredient being wheat and natural fermentation technology.

When introduced to the market, this beer quickly conquered the taste buds of the most discerning diners with its sweet, aromatic raspberry flavor and bitter taste from hops.

In addition, Hoegaarden Rosee beer has only 3% alcohol, so it is suitable for both men and women, who love the mild and sweet taste of beer.

The current product price is about:

  • 23,500 VND / 330ml can,
  • 135,000 VND / lot of 6 330ml cans.

9. Corona Extra Beer

corona beer vietnam
Photo: Quy Phuc (FB)

As a beer from Mexico, Corona Extra beer has a light alcohol content, only 4.6%, listed in the low alcohol beers on the market.

With just a small sip, the delicious and bitter taste will blend all over the mouth, giving you a wonderful feeling of refreshment.

Corona Extra beer presents at most supermarkets in Vietnam, you can drink it directly or add a few small slices of lemon and mix it for a unique cocktail.

The current product price is about: 34,000 VND / 355ml bottle

10. Leffe Blonde Beer

Leffe Blonde Beer vietnam
Photo: Quynh Mis (FB)

Leffe Blonde is considered one of the oldest beers in the world, originating from Belgium.

With a rich history coupled with excellent quality, this beer has quickly become a favorite alcoholic beverage of many Vietnamese consumers. The beer bottle is designed with glass, the golden logo stands out on a luxurious and noble brown background.

As soon as you open the bottle cap, you will feel the gentle, faint aroma of rye. Take a sip, the sweetness from the caramel and burnt malt will melt on the tip of the tongue, giving you a wonderful experience.

The current product price is about: 44,000 VND / 330ml bottle

11. Ruby Beer

ruby beer vietnam
Photo: Nhan Thai (FB)

Ruby beer, also known as Red Ruby beer, is a product of the famous Masan Group, introduced in the Vietnamese market in 2020. The product is produced through technological lines, and the ingredients are imported from Germany, ensuring good standards that give reliable quality.

The main ingredients include Water, barley malt, hops, grains, … applying beer brewing technology with special German oak, creating an attractive flavor.

At first sight, you can be attracted by the design with the dominant red tone. When opening the lid to enjoy, the beer is golden yellow, quite fragrant, with a lot of foam forming a thick foam layer. The taste of beer is quite mild with an alcohol content of 4.3%, with a sweet aftertaste, not bitter. It will be more delicious when drunk cold and served with snacks.

The current product price is about: 11,000 VND / 330ml can

Hopefully, with the above information, you can find useful about popular beers in Vietnam and choose your favorite ones to taste.

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