7 reasons to visit Da Nang City once

If you are planning to visit Vietnam, here are some reasons that you should consider traveling to Da Nang City.

da nang city
A corner of Da Nang City | ©hongquan7749/pixabay

1. Attractive tourist attractions

So many attractive tourist attractions in Da nang are welcome you to visit that you cannot go all in one or two days.

You can spend time in Ba Na Hills, an attractive fairy tale built in European style amid the clouds of Da Nang, taking check-in photos on the Golden Bridge.

If you like thrilling games, come to Asia Park to adventure to the pier with the rhino game, roller coaster. Besides, the architectural areas include different beautiful buildings minimized here.

When night falls, while sitting on the Sun Wheel, watching the whole city shimmering under the lights, you can see a glimpse of the beautiful bridges in Danang, such as Dragon Bridge, and the sparkling Tran Thi Ly Bridge.

You can immerse yourself in the sea waves in My Khe. With the blue and white sand sea, you will enjoy relaxing sunbathing, listening to the whispering sea breeze, and breathing the fresh air here.

This attractive city not only has the blue sea but also has plenty of green mountains. Set foot on Son Tra peninsula to breathe fresh air, watch Da Nang submerged in different colors.

Also, Ngu Hanh Son mountain is majestic with rocks covered with moss. Many statues of Buddha in the caves come with holy feelings.

Besides that, from Da Nang, you can take a car to visit My Son Sanctuary, Hoi An ancient town, or dreamy Hue imperial city, which are three beautiful destinations nearby.

2. Tasty cuisine

Along with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang is one of the places with attractive street food that makes plenty of visitors fall in love.

mi quang or quang noodle
Snake-head fish Quang Noodle | ©HueFlavor

Along the coastline of Pham Van Dong and Vo Nguyen Giap Streets, you will find a lot of seafood restaurants.

Enjoying the big lobsters, grilled squid, or steamed fish with a cup of beer will be more joyful.

Danang also blends the culinary quintessence of the surrounding regions. You can find beef vermicelli cooked with Hue style, or eat Cao Lau noodles, a famous food from Hoi An ancient town.

If Pho is well-known in Hanoi, Mi Quang (Quang noodle) is one of the top local food in Da Nang. Quang noodle includes different types of ingredients, such as noodles, vegetable, egg, shrimp, pork, beef, chicken, or snake-head fish.

In addition, there is a tasty dish that you should also try is Bun Mam (Vermicelli with dark fish sauce). Bun Mam can be fishy for many international tourists. But, when a person can eat it, they will fall in love with this vermicelli.

And, you can find a paradise of the street food in Con market. Coming to Con market, you will be overwhelmed because there are so many flavorful food stalls.

Be sure to prepare a hungry stomach to be ready to bombard this market with different food, including Vietnamese bread, Quang noodle, duck soup, or dumpling.

3. Friendly and hospitable people

The friendliness and hospitality of the people in Da Nang is also a great plus point, contributing to promoting the local culture.

Simply asking for directions, everyone enthusiastically guides you to the destination. It doesn’t matter if you speak another language, and the locals are also happy to support you with body language.

You will get a friendly look when you go to restaurants, hotels, or even the street vendors in Da Nang City.

It is lovely when once wandering in the food markets, the shopkeeper sees you speaking in the other language, she will smile with you friendly.

4. Cheap and affordable price

You just take about 100,00 VND ~ 5 USD and go around the Con market to eat about 4 – 5 flavorful dishes.

Avocado Icecream
Avocado Icecream | @heeheo.2012

Even there are many places you can find local food from 10,000 VND/ish. For example, a bowl of Banh Canh soup is cooked with rice noodles and quail eggs. Or, a cup of famous avocado icecream in Bac My An street also comes from 10,000VND – 20,000 VND.

A full lunch can cost from 200,00 VND ~ 10USD, which can be easy to find at many lovely restaurants which serves tourists with high standard.

5. Festivals held all year round

With a city that attracts plenty of tourists, the festivals held all year round are the colors to add more activities to do in Da nang for tourists.

One of the most anticipated festivals of the year is the Danang International Fireworks Festival. It is usually opened from June to July to coincide with the summer holidays.

Many teams around the world will deliver exciting performances with the perfect combination of fireworks, sound, light, and night scenes in Danang.

You will be delighted to see the beautiful Han River with the fireworks and immerse yourself in the street carnival with dancers in colorful costumes.

If you have a passion for cuisine, food festivals regularly introduce different dishes from various regions in Vietnam coming to Da Nang City. That change is good to taste the flavorful food and learn more about the habit of eating and cooking in Vietnam.

Also, you can participate in the Cau Ngu festival to pray for the favorable weather in the sea, enough rain, and soft wind for the people in Da Nang. You will be immersed in the bustling festival atmosphere with traditional games such as boat racing, basket boat race, swimming, tug of war.

Coming to Da Nang on the second lunar month, the Quan The Am festival held in the Marble Mountain will introduce cultural beauty with spiritual colors.

Many festivals in Da Nang come through the year, so you can combine relaxing on the beach and joining with these traditional activities.

6. Many beautiful high-end resorts with luxurious and low price

resort in Danang
©Pullman Danang Beach Resort

The luxury resorts in Da Nang with the international standard will give you the feeling of stepping foot in paradise.

You can select from a variety of options such as pool villas, sea view villas, or spa villas, depending on your needs.

Also, you can immerse yourself in the hot tube, relax in the scent of essential oils throughout the room, outside is the My Khe beach. That wonderful scene is not different from a Bali or Maldives in Vietnam.

Some of the most popular resorts for tourists include Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, Pullman Danang Beach Resort, Fusion Maia Resort Danang.

With the harmony in the natural landscape and luxurious architecture but still bearing Vietnamese style, these resorts will give you the most comfortable time.

Although the rooms are in the beautiful scenery of luxury resorts, the price here is quite affordable. Only from 2,000,000 VND ~ 95USD per night is for one lovely room at luxury resorts with international quality.

7. Many beautiful homestays in the city

Homestays have gradually been popular. Catering to customers’ virtual living needs, Da Nang has plenty of homestays with beautiful decoration.

In Da Nang, it is easy to find a homestay suitable for your hobby, covering Packo Hostel in the shape of colorful containers, the Min House of greenery and fishes swimming in the lake, or Dunu like a cute library of books.

The warm, friendly atmosphere and the home-like layout will make you feel at home. You can happily talk with friends from different regions or various countries.

Hopefully, with the above information, you have the right answer for why this city attracts tourists. So what are you waiting for? Please put Da Nang City in the plan of your journey to Vietnam.

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