6 unique Da Nang festivals not to be missed

Da Nang is well-known as one of the most attractive coastal cities in Vietnam. This beautiful city attracts visitors not only because of its beautiful scenery but also thanks to a series of festivals taking place all year round.

Here are the top 6 unique Danang festivals you must visit once.

1. Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

da nang firework festival
Danang Firework Festival. FB @diffvietnam

The most famous festival in Da Nang is the International Fireworks Festival.

Da Nang Fireworks Festival was first held in March 2008 and has been maintained up to the present, unless 2020 and 2021 because of Covid 19 pandemic.

Each year, the festival brings a different theme, often held in April or June of the year.

Taking place in the form of a competition, the festival brings together teams from all over the world: Australia, Poland, USA, Sweden, Portugal, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Philippines, Spain Nha, Chinese, Italian, French…

Every year, there are from 4 – 6 teams joining the festival. But, in 2019, Da Nang International Fireworks Festival with the theme “Rivers tell stories” with the participation of 8 competing teams: Russia, Brazil, Belgium, Finland, Italy, China, England, and Vietnam.

More than 10 years of being held, the firework festival has now become an indispensable cultural feature of this beautiful city.

2. Carnival Festival

A trip to Da Nang will become more attractive than ever if you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the jubilant atmosphere of the Carnaval Street festival.

This unique street parade is part of the International Fireworks Festival. This event takes place in the evening on Bach Dang road, along the Han River.

You will have the opportunity to join with the sounds and colors of the exciting activities.

Ornately decorated flower cars make the whole street jubilant. Dozens of international dancers dressed in colorful costumes marched together, occasionally stopping to show off special performances along the way.

3. Cau Ngu Festival

cau ngu festival danang
Cau Ngu festival Danang. Photo: (FB) Danang FantastiCity

The next special Da Nang festival is the Cau Ngu festival, a traditional festival. Cau Ngu festival has existed for a long time, is an indispensable custom of coastal residents in Da Nang.

Cau Ngu ceremony usually takes place in the first lunar month every year in Thanh Khe Dong ward.

The local people will hold a ceremony to pray for peace, remember the deceased, pray for a year of favorable rain and wind for fishing activities to take place smoothly.

At the end of the ceremony, the festival is opened with singing and dancing activities, connecting the spirit of the people in the sea.

Over the years, the Cau Ngu festival of the coastal Da Nang city has been recognized as a national intangible culture.

4. Avalokitesvara Festival

quan the am festival danang
Quan The Am Festival. Photo: danang.gov.vn

Avalokitesvara Festival (Quan The Am festival) in the Marble Mountains has a strong folk feature, contributing to enriching the list of Danang festivals.

The Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son in Vietnamese) is known as the sacred land of Buddhism, the Quan The Am festival held there is considered an opportunity to spread and introduce spiritual cultural values.

This solemn festival usually takes place in the second lunar month every year, lasting for few days.

During these days, a lot of activities are organized and attract a large number of tourists, including a Buddhist art exhibition, poetry exchange, most importantly, the procession of Avalokitesvara statue…

The Avalokitesvara Festival has indeed helped to preserve and spread the beauty of the spiritual culture of the nation in modern life.

5. Pastoral Procession Festival

Pastoral procession festival (Lễ Hội Mục Đồng in Vietnamese) is for children herding buffalo, which is held in Phong Le village, Hoa Chau, Hoa Vang, Da Nang city on the end of the third lunar month.

The story originated from an ancient story about the typical grass dune in Phong Le village. The villagers thought the grass dune was where the god lived. Thus, no one dared to stop there.

One day, the buffalos moved to the grass dune while gazing at the grass. So, the children followed to keep the buffalos, and nothing happened with them when they came to that holy grass dune.

Since then, there has been a rumor that God’s dune only allows buffalo children to approach.

That strange story, after many generations gradually formed a festival dedicated to the buffalo children, called the pastoral procession festival (Le Ruoc Muc Dong).

The meaning of this festival is to pray for a year of favorable weather and a good harvest.

Coming there, you will see many artifacts and offerings prepared in advance to offer to the gods and send wishes.

Moreover, you can also see girls and boys in buffalo herder costumes in the past, playing in the fields.

6. Boat racing festival

boat race danang
Photo: (FB) @pearlseahoteldn

Traveling to Da Nang at the beginning of the lunar new year, you will have the opportunity to join in the atmosphere of the boat racing festival on the Han River.

This boat-racing is one of exciting activities in Da Nang, and that is also an opportunity to strengthen teamwork, also a chance to exchange feelings between people in Da Nang and near regions.

Organized in the form of a competition, more than 100 contestants from different areas gather to compete in this city.

The dragon boats of the teams are firmly designed and prominently decorated, ready for racing.

As well as a special spiritual activity, the people there also send their wishes for a prosperous and favorable new year on this festival.

Up to now, the boat racing festival is one of the local traditional festivals attracting hundreds of tourists coming to Da Nang every year.

With the 6 attractive festivals in Da nang mentioned above, Hue Flavor hopes your holidays come to the right days of one of these festivals. Then, you can join the lively activities organized at the festival.

If you need more help or advice on planning the trip to Da Nang City, please tell us your requests!

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