Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Da Nang City to Visit

If you are wondering where to go for your next journey to Da Nang City, please read 6 famous attractions below to range your holidays.

1. Ba Na Hills

ba na hills
The top of Ba Na Hills | ©HueFlavor

For a long time, Ba Na Hills has been the top highlight attracting tourists to Da Nang.

Visitors to Ba Na will surely be fascinated by the unique artificial beauty on the top of the mountain, such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Golden Bridge, or the fascinating amusement park Fantasy Park.

The old village called French village with European architecture will make you enjoy taking pictures like you are in the West. An ancient space from houses to the streets, light columns seem like in Paris.

Many couples also choose this attraction for their wedding photography.

Coming to Ba Na Hills, you should not miss the entertainment experience in Fantasy Park. Games from gentle like Ferris wheel to thrills like a roller coaster, slide tower, turn of the century, haunted house. Typically, you can try indoor climbing with a 21m high wall when coming to this amusement park.

You also can see all the beautiful sights of Ba Na when staying the cable car from the foot to the top of the mountain. This cable takes you through primeval green forests with big trees.

On the top of Ba Na Hills, you can wander in beautiful gardens filled with four-season fragrant flowers at Le Jardin D’amour gardens or ancient French village. Ba Na Hills looks like a fairyland appearing before my eyes.

Typically, the Golden Bridge or Hand Bridge is becoming a hot taking-picture point for most travelers and photographers. Walking on the bridge, watching Ba Na Hills floating in the mist will make you feel like you are crossing heaven.

2. The Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains
Mount Water at the Marble Mountains | ©HueFlavor

Da Nang City is a unique city in Vietnam, which is so favored by nature when there is a blue sea, white clouds mixed with high mountains. The Marble Mountains are the typical attractions you should not miss.

The Marble Mountains – Ngu Hanh Son in Vietnamese – contains the five mounts: Kim (Metal), Moc (Wood), Thuy (Water), Hoa (Fire), Tho (Earth). Each place has a different beauty forming a majestic picture for Danang City.

The poetic scenery, holy temples and caves, and green trees have made the Marble Mountains become a fairytale place for most guests to calm down.

When visiting this place, you can spend time walking on natural stone steps, stopping at mountain temples like Linh Ung Tu, Tam Thai for sightseeing.

On dry days, you can visit the Huyen Khong cave to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. In the cave, there is sparkling sunlight, combining with the smoke of the incense, creating a fanciful shimmering scene.

>> Please explore the Marble Mountains for more details.

3. Son Tra Peninsula

Danang City Vietnam
Danang City View from Son Tra Peninsula | ©HueFlavor

Son Tra peninsula is one of the top attractive tourist destinations of Da Nang that you should not miss it.

Son Tra is like a beautiful oasis in the heart of Da Nang. There is no bustle, no busy business or the sound of traffic like in the city center.

You can come here to find a peaceful place in nature. From the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the freshest air, watching the whole city.

Blue colors of the forest-sea-sky dotted with distant red roofs give you the feeling of conquering the whole world. The cool breeze is very suitable for relaxing and enjoy the panorama of the city.

Lying in the middle of the mountain, Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra is the largest and most beautiful one out of the three Linh Ung pagodas in Da Nang.

The vital highlight here is the statue of Guan Yin standing on the lotus foundation, which is the tallest lady Buddha in Vietnam.

The statue stands with its back against the mountain, facing the sea as if protecting the island from storms.

You will find a peaceful time when you come to this pagoda. Typically, the fragrant lotus lakes in the summer and the scent of incense spreading in the wind also make your soul more tranquil.

4. My Khe Beach

my khe beach
My Khe Beach | ©HueFlavor

My Khe beach is the pride of the Da Nang people. The natural wildness used to be listed by Forbes magazine in the US in the top 6 most attractive beaches on the planet.

The smooth stretches of white sand, cool blue water, and rows of coconut trees in the wind are impressive images when talking about My Khe beach.

On this peaceful year-round beach with no big waves, you will easily see families and tourists spending time happy with each other.

This beach is an ideal place for sightseeing, swimming and taking pictures. At wonderful moments such as dawn or sunset, many couples often walk together while and some lie on the sand to listen to the waves and wind singing.

My Khe beach is famous for both local and international tourists. This beach gets easy access, convenient transportation, long flat sand suitable for outdoor activities to do in Danang.

Besides, a series of luxury resorts and villas of international standards are available to serve the high-standard needs of the guests. Therefore, this place becomes a favorite place for Vietnamese guests and foreign tourists.

5. Asia Park

asia park
©Asia Park

Asia Park is the next famous destination in Da Nang City to spend your time.

The park is divided into three main areas, including a modern outdoor amusement park, the central area with the Sun Wheel, and a cultural park with many miniature architectural works of Asian countries.

The region that attracts the most tourists is an outdoor amusement park with exciting games suitable for plenty of guests, such as roller coaster, slide, free-fall tower, etc.

Your family will enjoy the light feeling of the wooden horse rotation or take your heart out when passing the winding curves of the roller coaster.

The best night spot of Da Nang at night in Asia Park is on the cabins of the Sunwheel wheel. From the height of 115m, you can capture the whole panorama of Da Nang city.

The rotation of the Sun Wheel becomes more and more sparkling with over 13,000 led lights creating a unique highlight in the heart of Da Nang city.

Besides, the cultural parks of Asian countries offer different typical spaces for you to take beautiful photos.

6. Dragon Bridge Da Nang

Dragon Bridge
Dragon Bridge | ©Quangpraha/pixabay

Although there are many beautiful bridges in Da Nang, with many tourists and Da Nang residents, Dragon Bridge across the Han River has been an important symbol when mentioning this city.

Its typical feature is reflected in the dragon-shaped structure of the Ly dynasty reaching out to the big sea, bringing the wish of Da Nang city to develop more and more.

In the evenings, the Dragon Bridge Danang glows with 15,000 LEDs, making the whole bridge more fanciful.

Watching the Dragon Bridge spraying fire and water on weekends is a great experience that many people like and wait for it.

In each show, you will be able to admire two stages with the order of performing respectively fire first (2 times with 9 times each) and water spray later (3 times). The halo of fire coming from flamethrowers with a length of 10 – 15m is extremely impressive.

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Da Nang City has plenty of attractions to visit. However, we introduce some highlights which you should list them in your itinerary to explore when you travel to this beach city.

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