Top 9 famous elegant restaurants in Hue City, Vietnam

Hue is a desirable tourist destination because it has many natural and artificial beauty spots, a fresh environment, friendly people, etc.

But an essential feature of Hue is the cuisine. Hue has a lot of famous dishes that have reached the level of culinary, called the quintessence that no one wants to miss.

To find correct top restaurants to enjoy tasty food, we would like to introduce you as the first time to visit Hue City to the top 9 well-known restaurants.

1. Y Thao Restaurant

Y Thao Restaurant in Hue
Y Thao Restaurant – Photo: Hueflavor
  • Address: 03 Thạch Han Street, Thuận Hoa ward, Hue City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0234 3523 018

Y Thao Restaurant specializes in cooking royal dishes according to set menus.

With many years of experience in cooking and cuisine in Hue, a restaurant is an indispensable place in the schedule to Hue.

Each dish is beautifully decorated with a strong flavor to create the charm of each meal.

Besides, the garden of the restaurant that is beautifully designed, and the pottery collection also attract the attention of many visitors.

The set menus of the restaurant include spring rolls, phoenix rolls, cinnamon rolls, traditional spring rolls, banana flower salad, fig salad, green bean cake, stir-fried beef, stir-fried pork, vegetarian dishes, …

2. Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant

  • Address: 7/28 Le Thanh Ton Street, Hue City, Vietnam
  • Phone: (0234) 522 243 – (0234) 511 605

Culinary artist Ton Nu Thi Ha is the owner of Tinh Gia Vien Restaurant.

This restaurant is one of the restaurants that serve dishes for the food of the royal family.

Tinh Gia Vien is the restaurant where dishes cooked by a famous craftswoman, Ton Nu Thi Ha. She is a descendant of the royal family.

With luxurious and cozy space like a Royal Palace, Tinh Gia Vien is a highlight for anyone who has the opportunity to visit Hue.

3. Ancient Hue Restaurant

  • Address: 104/47, Kim Long Street, Hue
  • Phone: (84) 234 35 90 902

More than a restaurant, Hue Ancient is a cultural and artistic area that visitors cannot ignore when coming to Hue.

Coming to Hue Ancient Restaurant, you will have the opportunity to experience the unique cultural features of an ancient garden restaurant, especially the dishes with Hue style and taste luxurious and unique.

While tasting the food, eaters can relax and enjoy the peaceful scenery. And, the restaurant exhibits still life paintings by famous artist Le Ngoc Tuong.

4. TA-KE Restaurant

  • Address: 34 Tran Cao Van, Hue City, Vietnam
  • Phone: (0234) 3 848 262

TA-KE restaurant has a clean and luxurious space with Japanese style. The restaurant serves Japanese food, such as sushi, tempura, sake … The workers take care of the guests in the traditional Japanese kimono.

5. Thien Tam Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Address: 110A Le Ngo Cat Street, Thuy Xuan Ward, Hue City, Vietnam
  • Phone: (0234) 3 898 220

Thien Tam Vegetarian Restaurant has a spacious, airy, and polite design. The menu is rich with vegetarian dishes, processing delicious and attractive flavors. Fast and attentive service staff is also a highlight of this restaurant.

6. Phuoc Thanh Restaurant

  • Address: 30 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Hue City, Vietnam
  • Phone: (0234) 3 830 989

Phuoc Thanh is a modern restaurant, specializing in serving fresh seafood dishes such as shrimp, crab, oysters, squid …

With spacious and airy space with more than 500 seats, the restaurant is suitable for conferences and delegations with a large number of groups.

7. Royal Park Restaurant

  • Address: 38 Nguyen Sinh Sac, Vi Da, City, Hue
  • Phone: 0234.3897202 and 0234.3812761

The restaurant is designed with the style of royal palaces.

Royal Park Restaurant is a good place to give diners the atmosphere of a royal dinner, including guards, music, and parasol as the requests. Royal food dishes are also available for ordering.

8. Tha Om Restaurant

  • Address: 12/12 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Huong Long, Hue City
  • Phone: 0234 3527 810

Tha Om Restaurant is a garden house that is used to serve the tourists for dining.

Coming to this restaurant, the guests will feel peaceful and relax in the trees and the traditional style of houses.

Food is served with top care to create a real experience of culinary of diners.

Thus, this restaurant has a higher price than other ones in Hue City, and the guests have to book in advance.

9. Le Jardin de La Caramble Restaurant

la carambole restaurant hue
La Ca Rambole Restaurant | © Hue Flavor
  • Add: 32 Dang Tran Con, Thuan Hoa Ward, Hue City, Vietnam
  • Phone: 0234 3548815

The restaurant is located in a quiet street inside the Royal Citadel.

The restaurant space is cool and spacious, with French-style and beautiful and unique architecture.

The menu has Vietnamese food and French dishes, which are flavorful to taste. The capacity of the restaurant is only about 40 adults.

Above are the top elegant restaurants in Hue, which are worth stopping to taste the local food to know more about Hue culinary.

If you do not have a lot of time in Hue, Y Thao Restaurant for lunch and La Caramble Restaurant for dinner are good choice.

An important note when you come to these restaurants is that you book your seats in advance to get better services.

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