The Perfume River in Hue City

With its lovely quietness, the Perfume River makes travelers excited. Every time visiting this river, strange feelings will come in the guests’ hearts, and you can find why the Perfume River is the pride of the locals.

The Perfume River stretches from Bang Lang fork to the lush green gardens, passes through the ancient Thien Mu pagoda, and comes to the sea at Thuan An estuary. It carries the poetic features to paint more charming lines to the romantic Hue City.

Let’s explore the Perfume River in Hue in this article!

perfume river hue city
The Perfume River in Hue City. ©HueFlavor

The Perfume River in Hue City

The Perfume River stays along with Tran Hung Dao and Le Loi streets, right in the center of Hue city. So, you can come here easily to admire the beauty of this river at all times of the day.

The length of the Perfume River is a total of 80km, the most beautiful distance is from Bang Lang fork to Thuan An estuary with 30km. The river water flows slowly because the slope of the water level relative to the sea surface is not much different.

The Perfume River owns a graceful and gentle charm like a girl. The watercolors of the river have turquoise and clear water nearly all year round. Along the riverbanks are the ancient works of architecture, green nature, plants, flowers. All of these create the poetic beauty of this river.

The origin of the Perfume River’s name

Since ancient times, the Perfume River had flown through plenty of forests rich in herbs and flowers, carrying the scent of natural flowers and plants. When going through Hue city, the river brought its natural fragrance. Thus, the name of the Perfume River was called.

However, the fragrance of the river does not actually come up now. Every time coming to the Perfume River, most people like its landscape, and can breathe the great fresh air to re-charge the energy.

the perfume river
Fishing in the river. ©HueFlavor

What to do and see when coming to the Perfume River

Besides exploring the beauty of the Perfume River in Hue City, you can join many attractive tourist activities. Take a dragon boat along the Perfume River in the early morning, listen to Hue folksongs on a dragon boat, experience the brilliant night, or watch the sunset from Trang Tien bridge.

1. Take a dragon boat to enjoy the natural beauty of the Perfume River

Taking a dragon boat and enjoying the natural beauty of the Perfume River is an exciting experience you should try. The charm of the two riverbanks that nature brings will make you love it.

You can take plenty of romantic photos to show them off to your friends. The nature on both sides of the Perfume River really makes you feel like returning to a peaceful life with fresh air, birdsong, and gentle rays of sunlight.

dragon boat on the perfume river
Take a dragon boat to enjoy the lovely view. ©HueFlavor

2. Enjoy Hue folksongs on the Perfume River

Over hundreds of years of development, Hue folk songs have been preserved and developed by the Hue people. Many visitors coming to Hue wishes to sit on a dragon boat on the Perfume River, to live in the deep and calm beauty with the folk songs of Hue.

When night falls and Trang Tien bridge starts to light up, many dragon boats with singers of Hue folk songs also depart. Floating gently and leisurely on the Perfume River, Hue songs begin singing. The relaxing music of Hue songs mingles with the romantic beauty of Hue city at night.

3. Watch the romantic sunset on the Perfume River

The sunset time covering the Perfume River is from 16:30 to 17:30. This time shows the most clearly the beauty of this river in the heart of Hue city.

You do not miss watching the poetic and lyrical scenery of both sides of the river near Trang Tien bridge, tasting a cup of coffee, and hearing lovely songs about Hue and the attractive Perfume River.

sunset covering the perfume river
Sunset covering the Perfume River. ©HueFlavor

4. Enjoy the brilliant lights of Trang Tien Bridge crossing the river

When night covers, Trang Tien Bridge wears a new shirt. The lights with various colors blue, yellow, orange, red, and purple, cast their shadows on the river surface, making the scene extremely shimmering and brilliant.

You can get a lot of chances to take pictures of the changing colors covering the bridge. Stay with the river and the bridge a while, you will get various feelings of a peaceful life in this area.

colorful lights at trang tien bridge
The colorful lights make the bridge and river more beautiful. ©HueFlavor

5. Walk on the walking street and buy souvenirs

Along the Perfume River is a lovely walking street, where you can stroll with your partners.

Do not miss walking on the wooden bridge on the water surface of the river, which can give you different feelings when so cool breeze comes with each of your steps.

During your walking time, you can see some souvenir shops where you can choose some small products for your relatives.

walking street on the perfume river
A walking street on the Perfume River. ©HueFlavor

The Perfume River always gives relaxing feelings when staying with it. Plan your time to come to this river and the lovely city of Hue!

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