The classic style of French architecture buildings in Hue Vietnam

The architecture of Hue is influenced by the features of Nguyen dynasty and the Buddhist culture as well as by the special beauty of valuable French architecture.

The French-style houses with nearly one hundred years old create the luxurious beauty of Hue, this makes Hue get classic Western style. Going through the time and the obstacles of the war, the French buildings still preserve precious cultural values and the history.

Quoc hoc high school

These main buildings of this ancient architecture of Hue reflects elegance and classic Western style.

The French had come to Hue since 1885; the new town gradually grew up at the south bank of the Perfume River. It is the “Modern City” named by the local. According to the needs of the soldiers, the former buildings here were the simple barracks and the old hospital. Then, the offices, villas and schools were gradually built, which still remain such as Hai Ba Trung High School, Hue University and some offices along the Le Loi street.

Influenced by the style of Hue garden houses, the French architecture buildings were built in the big gardens with green trees. This is suitable for hot and humid climate in Hue Vietnam. These buildings mix harmoniously with Eastern style houses in the city. Based on the idea of creating interference “East – West style”, the French architecture houses adorn the ancient citadel to look more civilized and attractive.

French colonial architecture in Hue

An Dinh palace, a building typical of the French architecture in Hue.

In the Vy Da village and Kim Long village, the guests will be surprised by the beauty of the “not old” mansions of French architecture. The lime mortar of the houses was faded, but they are still acttractive and elegant.

To suit Hue climate with floods, the French architecture houses often were concreted with high floors. Their stairs usually gets five or nine steps with a soft and elegant arc shape. The gateway is connected to a large courtyard. The houses have high ceilings with a lot of doors and windows to connect with the nature. Most doors get two layers: wooden and glass ones, creating the houses comfortable during the long rainy days in Hue Vietnam.

architecture in Hue Vietnam

The small house at Vi Da village carries very own beauty in coordination East – West architecture

While Hue garden houses create large space for leisure, the French buildings also get large gardens; this feature is important for the French architecture buildings. However, the gardens of the French houses are often wide, but not long. The front hall and the lobby are airy and divided into small rooms. Whenever the weather is sunny up suddenly after the rains, the ground is often wet. The old people said that in the ancient time, the French scattered the salt to stop termites and kept the floor dry.

Hue city has been not too cold, but the living room of the buildings still has a fireplace with fancy decorations. On the pedestal are often decorated with some paintings. In the past, Hue people liked to live in the French architecture buildings, they often paid a lot of gold for buying these.

According to researching, more than 200 French architecture buildings left in Hue, but this quantity is gradually decreasing because of the damage of the time. Although some of them are preserved and re-finished, the original style is more or less changed. The only original thing left in the mansions is antique floor bricks which were bought from France.

French mansions in Hue

The two famous schools have a history of hundreds of years old in the heart of Hue

Visiting Hue, the travelers will be attracted by the French architecture mansions from the massive ones as An Dinh palace and Quoc Hoc High School to the smaller houses at Vi Da Village or at Kim Long Village. Absolutely, Hue architecture is the beautiful combination between the Buddhist architecture of Thien Mu, a number of royal tombs of Kings with the elegant and magnificent of French architecture.
(Translated from the source: QDND)

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