5 best things to do in Hue Vietnam

Hue is a romantic city in the center of Vietnam, where the Nguyen dynasty controlled from 1082 to 1945. Hue Vietnam gets a lot of attractive things that you can enjoy. Here are the five best things to do in Hue Vietnam – what you should not miss.

Citadel in Hue Vietnam

Exploring the citadel and royal tombs

The citadel is located at the heart of Hue city, on the North side of the Perfume River and just 15 minutes to walk from the city center.

The citadel used to be the home and main offices of the Emperors of Nguyen Dynasty.

Over the war, especially during Tet Offensive (1968), many buildings were damaged.

However, when visiting the Imperial citadel of Hue, you can find the ruining of the palaces which is gradually restored and some lovely buildings left: The noon gate, the Supreme of Harmony Palace, the Royal Library and the Royal Temple- The Mieu.

Thien mu pagoda

Besides, you can come to the royal tombs of the Nguyen Emperors; the Royal Tombs were built for the future life – the “forever life” of the Emperors.

Thus, coming to these places, you will feel the lively areas, not death places.

Two out of seven royal tombs are good for exploring: Khai Dinh tomb with attractive internal mosaic decoration is a lovely one for visiting; and the royal tomb of Minh Mang with open-air area and nice gardens is situated in the tranquil site.

Visiting pagodas in Hue Vietnam

Hue city is the center of Buddhism of Vietnam. There are over 100 pagodas here, which you should come to learn about the Buddhist culture of Hue people as well as Vietnam.

There are two famous ones to visit: Thien Mu pogoda, the oldest pagoda located on the beautiful hill and faced to the Perfume River. Coming there at the sunset, that’s wonderful to get some nice pictures.

And the Tu Hieu Pagoda which is located in the hill and surrounded by the pine trees. This pagoda is the place where many eunuchs under Nguyen dynasty are worshipped.

The Perfume River tours for sunset

There is a romantic river flowing softly through the city, that’s the Perfume River.

The both sides of the river are green trees with the well-organized parks, and on the river itself is so nice at the sunset time.

You can choose one of the Perfume River tours such as sunset with dinner on the boat, Thien Mu pagoda with sunset cruise or just tea break with sunset boat tour.

Select one of them and sit down to relax on the dragon boat to enjoy the attractive and peaceful landscapes of the Perfume River.

Tasting Hue local food

Hue food is famous for not only at the royal cuisine which is served the King before, but also the popular local food.

The food is influenced by the traditional cooking method when serving the royal families.

Now the local people are good at making amazing popular food which is the best in Vietnam.

The real local food is the street food of Hue. Coming to Hue Vietnam, you should not miss to do a Hue food tour to taste these famous kinds of food.

That is a good chance to learn about the Hue flavor: Bun Bo Hue, Banh Beo, Banh Mam, Banh Khoai, Bun Thit Nuong and Nem Lui.

Visit one of the garden houses in Hue Vietnam

The garden houses in Hue Vietnam are very attractive with well-organized feng shui.

Most of the houses used to be the residences of the high-rank people during the Nguyen dynasty.

They are very well-preserved with lovely large gardens. Visiting these ones, you will find out the combination between the feng shui and one part of the former life of Hue royal people.

A famous garden house is now Ngoc Son Princess’ house which is owned by the well-known Hue researcher Phan Thuan An.

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Editor at HueFlavor is a15-year local guide, Mr. Ho Thom, who loves local food in Hue as well as in Vietnam. Trusted by hundreds of guests around the world.