Hue transporation to move around the city

When traveling in Hue, besides the cars – the main transport, tourists also have a lot of choices of vehicles to explore Hue city for daytime and night time.

There are many vehicles in Hue that visitors can use, including bicycle, cyclo, motorbike, taxi, and boat.

cyclo hue
Tourists use cyclos in Hue City |© Hue Flavor


Cyclo is a typical vehicle with three wheels for tourists to explore Hue City. The cyclo is convenient because of its big seat and roof. They can be used to carry goods, but many of them transfer passengers to explore Hue City politely and safely.

Currently, in Hue, cyclo services are the most attractive and suitable in the inner city. When sitting on a cyclo, the guest can take leisure time while the rider rides around the beautiful city.

It is easy to find some groups of cyclo at many hotels along Le Loi Streets, such as in front of Huong Giang Hotel, Century Hotel, Saigon Morin Hotel, Azerai La Residence Hotel Spa, or at Pham Ngu Lao Street, or Ben Nghe Street.

Notes: Be careful when you use cyclos by yourself to travel around the city. You have to make sure the price and distance clearly before getting on it. A scam is not uncomfortable feelings if you face it.

Motorbikes and bicycles

Motorbikes are the most popular vehicle in Vietnam as well as in Hue City. You can find rental locations of motorcycles in Hung Vuong Street, near the intersection of Vincom Plaza.

A lot of motorbikes in Vietnam | © Hue Flavor

Another place to hire a motorbike and bicycle is on Le Loi Street, near Muong Thanh Hotel and Doi Cung Street. At present, many hotels also offer motorbike and bicycle rental.

Dragon Boats on the Perfume River

Nowadays, tourists can go sightseeing by dragon boats on the Perfume River; this way becomes a more and more popular way to explore famous relics along the river.

Dragon Boat
Beautiful Dragon Boats |© Hue Flavor

A single boat is enough for 6 people to travel safely with the 2m-wide and 5-6m long; a double dragon boat can accommodate 15- 16 people.

Sitting on a boat and enjoying sightseeing along the river is an interesting activity that should be added to your list to try when traveling in Hue City.

In addition, tourists can listen to Hue songs and drop flower lanterns on the river at night. This experience becomes interesting and impressive memories of tourists.

To rent a boat to travel on the Perfume River, you can contact:
+ Boat and River Management Center: 15 Le Loi, Hue City,
+ The management board of marina in Huong Giang, near Dap Da, or
+ Boat Station at 5 Le Loi Street, Hue City, near Azerai La Residence.


Mai Linh Taxi
– Address: 177 Phan Đình Phùng, Huế city
– Phone: 0234.3898989 – 0234.3824747

Gili Tax
– Address: Q lot, Number 1 Street, An Cuu New Urban, An Dong Ward, Hue City
– Phone: 0234.3837837

Thanh Cong Taxi
– Address: Lot 15- 5, 1A Tu Duc Street, An Tay Ward, Hue City.
– Phone: 0234. 3575757

Electricity Cars

Hue offers electricity cars to serve tourists to move around the city and to tourist destinations. However, the price is still high, so not many guests use this kind of vehicle.

Many electricity cars often stop at Saigon Morin Hotel, at 30 Le Loi Street, Hue City.

Local Buses

Hue City has many local buses to go to different destinations. But, actually the quality is very low, so we do not recommend tourists to use them.

Buses operate in Hue City currently have 5 main bus routes, including:

  1. The south bus station goes to the north bus station and vice versa,
  2. Line 2 from the Southern Bus Station runs to Phu Bai market and vice versa,
  3. The third route is from the south bus station to Dong Ba Market and to Thuan An Beach and vice versa,
  4. The south bus station goes to Dong Ba Market, then An Lo and vice versa,
  5. Another route from the southern bus station goes to Dong Ba Market to Tuan Market and vice versa.

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