Vietnamese spring rolls and dipping sauce – how to prepare quickly?

Vietnamese food is really delicious and healthy. Many dishes are made of the normal ingredients but their taste’s so good. I would like to introduce briefly skills to make Vietnamese rice paper rolls and dipping sauce.
vietnamese spring roll dipping sauce lime
The important ingredient to make spring rolls is the rice paper which is easy to buy it at the market or supermarket; it is dry rice paper made of rice. The wet rice paper is a little difficult to make at home, but it’s nicer. In this article, I will show you how to make it with the dry one.

When you buy the rice paper at the shop, it’s crispy and dry; thus, it is difficult to roll. Someone uses the water to make it soft. But, for my way, I buy thin rice paper and wrap it inside fresh banana leaves around an hour before making, this makes it soft and easy to roll, and also be not broken. If you do not have fresh banana leaves, you can use clean towel or clothing, it’s wet with clean water and you squeeze it until feeling nearly dry. That’s good to wrap the rice paper in this towel around 30 minutes.

Now you can prepare some ingredients for rolling: Shrimps steamed, pork cooked, cucumbers, salad, green onion, pineapple and mint. This is enough for simple Vietnamese spring rolls with one shrimp and each small peace of each ingredient for one spring roll.

The second one is also important to make the rolls become better when tasting, it’s dipping sauce. I often use the fish sauce which is a special ingredient for cooking and eating in Vietnam.
vietnamese spring rolls dipping sauce
How to prepare fish sauce? When you buy the fish sauce bottle from the shops, it’s not good to use it directly from the bottle. You need to prepare it with the ingredients: Chilies, garlic, lime (or lemon), clean water and sugar.

You need chop chili fruits and garlic into small peaces, add few spoon of water, a little sugar and lime juice. Then, you add the fish sauce from the bottle.

Please note that I do not tell how many grams of sugar or the others, because everyone gets different favorite taste. Thus, you can add less or more ingredients to get perfect taste for yourselves. Now, you already know how to prepare Vietnamese rice paper rolls dipping sauce for you and your family. Try to do it and enjoy good spring rolls. If you can get good one from the first time, you are well-done; if not, try it again to find the perfect spring rolls.

If you have another good method, please share with me!

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