Tay Loc Market

If you visit Hue City, you will not miss an opportunity to go shopping at some famous markets.

And when mentioning the markets in the andicent imperial city, most people will probably think of Dong Ba Market.

But, there are many other famous markets in Hue, and Tay Loc is one of the good shopping places you should visit once.

Tay Loc Market

Opening hours: 6:00am – 6:00pm
Location: Nguyen Trai Street, Thuan Hoa Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam

Tay Loc Market Hue
Photo: @hyvhuynh

It is said that if you want to understand the business culture of local people locality, going to their market is not wrong.

And Tay Loc Market is a good example. It is excellent when you can wander around this market one day to see all the unique features of an antique market.

Busy market every day

Situated on the bustling Nguyen Trai street, Tay Loc market stands out with buyers and sellers.

Having nearly the same features with other traditional markets in Vietnam, the items at Tay Loc Market are quite diverse, including food, fabrics, clothing, electrical appliances, furniture…

The stalls here are eye-catching displays; the saleswomen offer a warm welcome with a sweet and cute Hue accent. If you are a tourist, it is easy to be hypnotized by these offers.

Different from the atmosphere and appearance at the expensive shopping centers in Hue, without the showy boards, the indoor area and the flea market in this area attract guests all day, especially in the afternoon.

Go shopping with 20 thousand Vietnam Dong

Surely, you will be surprised what you can buy with 20,000 VND ~ 1USD; then, come to Tay Loc Market, where there are many things with the price under 20 thousand Vietnam Dong for you to buy.

Especially, Tay Loc Market is a famous flea market in Hue; a lot of second-hand items are sold in the afternoon, which is called “banh” in Vietnamese.

Different kinds of food in Tay Loc Market

After walking around the market, you will begin touching the food court of Tay Loc Market.

You can catch your eyes with the trays of Banh Beo decorated by the shrimp powder on the top, which creates a good look to make your stomach hungrier.

Although the area is quite small in the market shop and crowded with people, the owner can arrange seats for you to taste the food.

Hue local food is often hot because of species. If you feel hot, sweet soup is another choice to get more refreshing.

The sweet soup is cooked by different kinds of beans, coconut, tapioca flour, and fruits.

You may eat warm soup or taste it with ice. The dish is excellent, with only 10,000 Vietnam Dong per cup.

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