5 Great Nightlife Spots in Da Nang City

Da Nang, the most livable city in Vietnam, is not only beautiful during the day, but also contains many interesting things in the evening.

If you are wondering where to go at night, read this article to know the answer.

nightlife spot in Danang
Da Nang at night

1. Beautiful bridges

Da Nang is known as the city of bridges, there are 5 bridges crossing the Han River that you can admire when you arrive in the city: Dragon Bridge, Han River Swing Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, and another bridge on the bank of the Han River with an impressive name: the bridge of love.

dragon bridge in danang
Dragon Bridge at night in Danang

Each bridge has its own beauty, giving Da Nang a vivid picture with modern colors. These are also popular entertainment spots for people in Da Thanh every night.

When night falls, the city begins to sparkle with the lights of restaurants, bars, hotels, and vehicles traveling on the road, it is also the time when the bridges get rid of the quiet appearance of the day, wearing a brilliant shirt made of light.

The bridges in Da Nang are all equipped with LED lighting systems to highlight their unique architecture at night.

Especially, Tran Thi Ly Bridge has a system of lights that change color according to the season. You will see different colors such as green, blue, indigo, purple, red, … forming colorful sails.

You can spend an evening visiting and take pictures of all the bridges. Each one has a various shape.

Dragon Bridge in Danang has the shape of a dragon in the Ly dynasty reaching out to the sea, Thuan Phuoc bridge is modeled after the Golden Gate bridge in the US, Tran Thi Ly bridge is shaped like a sail, Nguyen Van Troi bridge winding along the DNA molecule chain, Han bridge turning 90 degrees at midnight for boats to pass.

People can stand on the side of the bridge to enjoy the wind, chat, take commemorative photos during the trip, or simply meditate and look at the sparkling river surface thinking about a past day.

Couples who love each other lead to the bridge of love to make the atmosphere more romantic and emotional. The bridge of love at night glows with red heart lights in a corner of the river.

Typically, wait until about 9 pm on the weekend, you should not miss the opportunity to watch the Dragon Bridge spray water and fire on the Han River. This beautiful moment will surely leave an unforgettable impression for those who see it for the first time.

2. Sky bars or cafes

If you want to find somewhere to sit and confide in your friends, a very useful piece of advice is to come to sky bars or cafes with a great view for dating.

Located on the 36th floor of a hotel in Da Nang, the Sky 36 of Novotel hotel is a bar for those who like a vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

That place is considered one of the most prominent nightlife venues in this beautiful seaside town.

sky 36 bar Da Nang

Coming there, you can comfortably enjoy a delicious cocktail and immerse yourself in the mix of music from the top DJs in Vietnam.

The impressive view from the 36th floor allows you to see the city from an ideal height, observe most of the bridges in the city, bustling traffic and enjoy the cool breeze.

This is also a perfect place with a beautiful view of fireworks during the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival, which is one of the famous festivals in Danang organized every year.

In addition, you can go to The Topbar (A La Carte), Top View bar (Vanda Hotel), Sky bar (Royal Lotus Hotel), or May Coffee. Although the drinks can be a bit pricey, the quality is worth the money. The quality of service and atmosphere there definitely make you feel happy and exciting.

3. Helio night market

Helio Night Market is located in the Asia Theme Park at Road 2 September, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. It opens from 5:00pm – 10:30pm.

Although only operating for a short time, Helio night market, one of the top night markets in Da Nang, has become a favorite nightlife place for young people in Da Nang City.

helio night market

Designed as a shopping complex with many different stalls, you will be surprised with different categories such as clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, or handmade souvenirs.

Typically, Helio is also a culinary paradise with tasty dishes for your culinary exploration.

Here, you can easily find a lot of local food of Da Nang city that is prepared on the spot, hot, and ensure food safety.

Plenty of food includes Quang noodles, local vermicelli, pork rolls, chicken rice, mixed rice,… Even street snacks such as buttercream, sweet soup, snails are also found when walking around the market.

Besides, the Helio night market also has an impressive area which is a vibrant festival area with themes according to each month.

Every night from 8 pm, you have the opportunity to enjoy the performances of many bands, street dancers.

4. My Khe Beach

My Khe beach is like the great jewelry that the sea gives to Da Nang, adorning this city with a dreamy beauty that makes everyone fall in love.

Voted as one of the 6 beautiful beaches in Da Nang as well as on the planet, My Khe is busy during the day to bathe and play games on the sea, and then at night, the sea quietly touches the white sand like singing a love song.

my khe beach night
My Khe Beach at night. @ hi_nttt9797

Starting at about 6 pm, the restaurants on the banks of the sea start to arrange tables and chairs to serve drinkers. Especially, people also have portable grills right on the sand, creating a great atmosphere for relaxing.

People enjoy the feeling of being close to nature when sitting and tasting fresh seafood on the shore, drinking a cool beer, confiding a few stories of the day.

You can see some couples holding hands walking on the sea adding more affection and romance.

5. Dragon Carp Statue

Located right next to Dragon Bridge and Love Bridge, Marina Pork is like a must-check-in symbol when arriving in Da Nang.

Designed with inspiration from Singapore’s water-splashing sea lions, this marina features a colorful statue of the Carp Turning into a Dragon.

carp statue in Da Nang

The statue is made of natural white marble, the head is inspired by the dragon of the Ly Dynasty, the body of the carp is meticulously sculpted with solid scales. The tail is a stylized hand shape.

When night comes, this area becomes magically shimmering under colorful lights.

The statue of carp turning into a dragon sprays water day and night as if welcoming tourists from all over the world to visit Da Nang city.

You need to hold up your camera or phone to capture a beautiful photo, which is no different from traveling on the lion island of Singapore.

The image of the carp turning into a dragon placed on the banks of the Han River is not only aesthetically meaningful but also becomes a symbol of folk beliefs.

The image of a carp is to overcome all difficulties and transform into a different life, Dragon.

Right at the foot of the statue in the evening, you can see many tourists who come to take pictures and admire the scenery of the Han River at night.

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