Hue Cuisine: Culture and Arts

( From the past to nowadays, the story of cuisine is most of the popular topic of many people to talk about. The people like to enjoy good food because of not only hungriness but also the spirit of the fun. For Hue people, cuisine is considered as both an art and the culture of the pleasure life.

hue food
Soup of daily meals of Hue people

Hue used to be the citadel of Nguyen dynasty, and was a rich and developing city, where the royal dynasty lived and many mandarins, Confucians and intelligent people gathered. This requires not only good at processing Hue cuisine for the Hue people but also specializing in the popular food.

Nowadays, although Hue is not a role of central economics of the country, Hue is still maintained in rich style of the cuisine. And of course, in the long-standing cultural characteristics of Hue, the cuisine of Hue is the important part of the culture and arts of the lifestyle here.

Hue is also new land developed by the Nguyen dynasty with many immigrants from the North. Thus, there are a lot of different kinds of food coming from the other areas which had turned into the own dishes of Hue local food.

food in hue vietnam
Bun Hen – one of the street food in Hue

Hue has both luxurious and rustic popular dishes. All are cooked with talent skills of the Hue people, creating special flavor of Hue food.

The royal food was written carefully by the chef and mandarins under the Nguyen dynasty in the book: “Kham Dinh Dai Nam” using for the royal parties. According the book, there were the three typical meals for the parties to welcome the official messengers of the other countries: one meal with the 50 kinds of dishes; another meal with 7 trays consisting of 40 dishes and the third meal with 25 types of 30 dishes … All the food contained in good royal bowls.

Today, with the combination of royal skills and the talent of the local adding with popular ingredients here, Hue people can cook hundreds of different kinds of Hue food which are luxury and rustic.

The popular dishes are found around the city Hue. Many Vietnamese people like mussel rice which is the most unforgettable. It’s a simple dish, full of flavor made ​​from a produce located in the heart of the river of Hue. The delicious mussel rice by combining many ingredients: spices, herbs, banana, stalks finely chopped mint, chili sauce, fish sauce, salt, tamarind, peanut, garlic sauce and cool white rice; especially, mussel rice becomes sweet because of the mussel water and shrimp sauce, which is a little strange for many people tasting it at the first time.

Hue Vietnam Food
Ban Canh soup- one of Hue street food

Hue local food is rich in different dishes with nice smells and good taste mixing with the flavor of the fields, lagoons, mountains and rivers.

Only from citronella (lemon grass) and salt, homemakers of Hue add a little shrimp sauce with spices, garlic, sugar, shrimp paste and pepper to make lemongrass salt dish, which can be used with steam rice in the winter. What a nice one! That was never forgotten.

The meal of the Hue people often gets simply a few items, such as gobies, morning glory (spinach) and vegetable soup. The meal is always with a fish sauce dish in the middle. Hue people also like to eat raw fresh vegetable during the meal, which is fresh food for the good health good.

In addition, royal food at first only for the nobility of the royal family is gradually also followed the homemakers serving some rich families at the parties. And, they also become typical food for the Hue food nowadays, such as Nem Chua, meat pie and other dishes.

Vegetarian food in Hue Vietnam
Vegetarian food in Hue Vietnam

Moreover, Hue food also has rich beauty of vegetarian arts. Vegetarian food in Hue gets around 125 dishes. In the ancient time, under the Nguyen dynasty, there were many vegetarian people, not only Baddish people but also many royal families. Now it’s easy to find the restaurants around Hue city serving the vegetarians here.

Along with the food in family meals, Hue street food has many kinds of good food. The beef vermicelli dish– Bun Bo Hue, pancake, the cakes and other soups are very well-known, which are the good choice for tasting food in Hue Vietnam.

Hue food is typical with special flavor as well as the attractive art of cooking and decoration when preparing to eat, which gives the foodies amazing feelings and pleasure style when tasting the food of Hue.

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