DMZ Bar Hue: a lovely place to hang out with friends

Most people in Hue know about the DMZ bar located at the corner of Pham Ngu Lao and Le Loi Streets, Hue City, Vietnam.

It has opened since 1994, the DMZ bar is still famous for tourists when visiting Hue City.

DMZ bar Hue
Photo: @dmzbar

DMZ bar is a fascinating place for young people in Hue as well as foreign and domestic tourists.

If you have a free night, you want to find some excitement for your stressful days in this city, the DMZ bar is an ideal destination.

As the first Western-style bar in Hue, the DMZ bar has been decorated to suit the development of the needs of customers.

Dressing the DMZ bar with a soldier-green color, making it have a new and unique style, but that looks luxurious.

Therefore, the DMZ bar always attracts many young people in Hue as well as tourists coming here.

At night, the DMZ bar is more prominent with extremely eye-catching lights and a lively atmosphere, which will make anyone sway to the bustling music coming from the bar. The later the night is, the more visitors come.

Most of them are foreign tourists. Some of them taste wine or beer while the others play games, such as pool table, darts, billiard, pool table …, making the DMZ a must-see lively venue.

Besides, it is said that the menu of the DMZ bar has different choices. Each dish has a different style that makes up a typical character of the bar.

Especially, the food and drinks at the bar are praised by tourists for the unique combination of Vietnamese and Western cuisine as well as the deliciousness, sophistication, and high quality.

The key to success of the bar is to have professional chefs, the bartender with many years of experience, the enthusiastic, thoughtful staff with fluent English, creating a comfortable space for visitors when using the service of the bar.

The DMZ bar always has excellent reviews of the guests, helping this restaurant become more and more popular. If you are planning to Hue City, Vietnam, the DMZ bar should be listed in your a must-see destination of Hue nightlife.

The DMZ bar in Hue City

  • Address: 60 Le Loi, Hue City, Vietnam
  • Opening hours: 7:00 am – 2:30 am
  • Phone: 02343.823.414
  • Hotline: 0127.688.1052
  • Fanpage:

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