Brown Eyes Bar – a sense of freedom

The Brown Eyes Bar creates a very different corner of Hue, vibrant and bustling, besides the gentle and thoughtful beauty of the ancient land of the imperial palaces.

Brown Eyes Bar Hue
Photo: Joshua Reynolds

In the heart of Hue’s “Western Streets” or “tourist streets,” Brown Eyes has a humble appearance, not too elaborate, not quite beautiful, but its charm creates an atmosphere of friendship, closeness, and freedom.

Also, you can find the local culture shown in Brown Eyes with the internal decoration.

The bar is very crowded with Hue young people, and the Brown Eyes bar is appealing to tourists who want to find out the specifics of the local style of a bar in each region.

Classical rock music of the last-long decades may not be familiar to the public, but its cheerful, bustling melody can make some guests feel excited.

Also, the clever mixture of current music brings youthfulness and excitement, making the visitors want to dance and sing to the beat.

Besides, the Brown Eyes offers a long list of drinks at a fair price, suitable for many customers, especially young people.

It is the messy look of Brown Eyes that brings a sense of freedom to those who sit here. That is great telling about the Brown Eyes bar.

Brown Eyes has a pretty messy style in a small space. A few high chairs and are arranged close together.

On the walls and the columns are full of paintings with monstrous shapes, or scattered words. It is said that all are autographs of close guests.

The chaos has a tremendous appeal to me, and every tourist coming here also has a similar feeling.

It is secretly amused by the wisdom and understanding of the psychology of the creator of the Brown Eyes bar when creating a friendly freedom site.

And, this bar becomes one of the top destinations for nightlife in Hue.

Brown Eyes Bar

  • Address: 56 Chu Văn An, Tp. Hue
  • Opening hours: 17:00 – 00:00

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