The West Lake of Hanoi

Being one of the famous tourist attractions in Hanoi, West Lake will make you surprised with the airy space, poetic scenery, and plenty of interesting activities.

west lake hanoi
Beautiful view in West Lake Hanoi. @hoangthao166

1. Hanoi West Lake

West Lake belongs to Tay Ho district, Hanoi, Vietnam, about 5km from the Ancient Quarter Area.

Each season has its own scenery and beauty, so you can almost come here at any time for sightseeing. You just chose the best time to visit Hanoi, suggested in the autumn from September to October, which can give you a suitable for enjoying the little cool weather in the capital, often with no rain or hot sun.

West Lake is also named Kim Nguu Lake, Sac Cao Dam, or Lang Bac. This lake has an area of ​​500ha and a circumference of about 14.8km, which becomes the largest natural freshwater one in the Hanoi capital. West Lake used to be a part of the Red River in the process of stagnation after the river changed its running way.

The like was also a beautiful scenic spot for kings to come to relax, around many palaces and constructions were built such as Thuy Hoa Palace of the Ly Dynasty, now the area of Tran Quoc Pagoda – one of the top beautiful temples in Vietnam; Cung Thuy Flowers of the Ly Dynasty – now Kim Lien Pagoda; or Thuy Chuong Palace of the Le Dynasty, now is Chu Van An School.

hanoi west lake
Peaceful in the lake. @ariesss_haaa

>> Another famous lake in Hanoi is Hoan Kiem Lake.

2. Exciting activities to do in West Lake Hanoi

You may choose a lot of activities to do, such as tasting a cup of coffee to enjoy the view or relaxing to see the romantic sunset…

2.1 Playing at West Lake Park water

West Lake Water Park has lots of interesting water game activities, such as bridge jumping, carpet sliding, cable car swinging, and tube slide,… This park is better in summer from May to August. Being immersed in the cool water will support you to forget the hot heat immediately.

west lake water park
Photo: West Lake Water Park

2.2 Exploring plenty of famous historical sites

The next activity will be visiting historical sites. Around this lake, many famous places include Tran Quoc Pagoda, Tay Ho Palace, Ba Danh Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, and Nghi Tam Communal House,… This good opportunity gives you to experience the ancient culture in Hanoi.

2.3 Riding a duck-boat or bike around the lake

An extremely fun game is duck pedaling, which you can do with your family or friend. While riding ducks, you can look at the large surrounding space. In addition, many couples can rent bicycles together and ride around West Lake, enjoying the scenery and improving their health.

duck riding
It’s fun to ride a duck boat. @namlamm

2.4 Rowing kayak

Rowing kayak is a new sport activity in Hanoi. If you are a fan of rowing kayaks, this place will attract you when many kayaks are available for rent. During sunset time, it’s good to row a boat with a friend while you can enjoy the sunset and train exercise.

2.5 Tasting coffee to relax and enjoy the view

You may choose a coffee shop next to the lake to enjoy a beautiful view. Do not forget to sit here, choose a cup of coffee, chat with friends and watch the poetic scenery of West Lake when you travel to Hanoi.

west lake coffee
A cup of coffee here is great.

2.6 Taking pictures at the flower valley

West Lake Flower Valley stays at Nhat Chieu T-junction, 600m from the water park area. Many kinds of colorful flowers include roses, lavender, and chrysanthemums, … so this site also attracts lots of tourists to visit. This destination becomes a beautiful photo spot for many young people, and you, too.

2.7 Walking around the lake

If you would like to walk around West Lake, the two pedestrian roads Thanh Nien and Trinh Cong Son are ideal ways. With Trinh Cong Son street, you can encounter many unique stalls in the style of Hoi An ancient town, while Thanh Nien road has many shady trees.

west lake sunset
Walking at sunset around the lake is exciting. @hauhipp_97

3. Important notes to visit here

  • When participating in water activities in West Lake Water Park, please wear a life jacket carefully.
  • Traveling with young children, please pay attention to them. Do not let them play alone.
  • Riding a duck has a ticket price of 80,000 VND / hour, about 10 minutes before the time is up, there will be a speaker to announce.
  • Many places to eat and rest, you can choose a small restaurant, but be careful with cleanliness.
  • Many hotels are available around the lake for staying overnight, but you should book a room in advance and mention a view of the lake in your booking to enjoy a beautiful landscape.

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