Vietnamese Coffee Culture in the Daily Life

In the late 1880s, when the French brought coffee to Vietnam for the first time, this plant became previous trees that were only grown in the gardens of the church in the north of Vietnam. Coffee just served the high class of the aristocracy.

After the 1920s, the coffee trees had been planted in Dak Lak and Kon Tum, central highlands of Vietnam.

Drinking coffee culture has formed in the life of Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese coffee
Vietnamese coffee – Photo: Hueflavor

Along with the development of social, Vietnamese coffee culture also transforms itself to adapt to life.

The first form is the ‚ÄúStreet Coffee”; usually, the most popular type of coffee is black coffee serving people in the morning before work.

This type of coffee is made with a filter on the glass cup. When enjoying the coffee, a hot teapot or cup of tea is ready served. A popular way is to start the new day.

The second form is “thinking Coffee “. A person enjoys coffee by himself or herself, or with friends to tell, chat, or just think about life. The drinkers sometimes just face to the life going or read books.

Although some styles of coffee have gradually been eroded and lost some kinds of sources, fortunately, Vietnamese coffee culture is still cherished by the young generation.

It seems to have a mystical power to make anyone sit in front of cups of coffee; they have become courteous, gentle and lovable.

People often forget the age, status and the class when cups of coffee are in front. It is really the philosophy and the tangible appeal of coffee.

In Vietnam, filter coffee is a popular style to drink. When the last drop of coffee from the filter stops, the drinker uses a small spoon to stir milk or sugar with coffee and starting tasting the flavor of the coffee.

He/she feels relaxed and leaves the mind in peace. The coffee drinkers find the strong power of the coffee flavor.

The mystical power of coffee is probably to create a sense of relaxation to enjoy.

Therefore, before a cup of coffee, a naughty guy can become gentle and nostalgic. Angry people become soft. Who are bored also loves life. A tired person can also feel energized.

These main things have made the Vietnamese coffee culture maintain strongly with the rush of modern life.

The Vietnamese coffee culture survives thanks to the locals’ soul? That is very true.

Another factor makes the coffee culture living thanks to the philosophy of coffee itself. The coffee beans are the priceless gifts that the Creator gave the man.

Luckily, Vietnam has a rich Bazan soil area at Central Highlands to grow good coffee. And, the flavor of Vietnamese coffee and its culture have lived in the mind and life of many people.

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