The national red flag with yellow star of Vietnam

Appearing in the revolutionary movement in 1940 in Nam Ky (Cochinchina), the red flag with a five-pointed yellow star is associated with the history of struggle to maintain national independence and development, standing equal to the other countries in the world.

red flag with yellow star of vietnam
Red flag with a yellow star of Vietnam. Photo: HueFlavor

When did the Vietnamese flag?

In 1941, in the Viet Minh program, it was determined that “after defeating the French and Japanese imperialists, a people’s government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam will be established, taking the red flag with a five-pointed yellow star as the national flag.”

The August Revolution of 1945 was successful, on September 5, 1945, the President of the Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam issued Decree No. 5-SL on the abolition of the old flag and selected the Vietnamese national flag.

The national flag of Vietnam owns:

  • Rectangular, the width is 2/3 of the length;
  • The background is bright red with a light yellow five-pointed star in the middle;
  • The yellow star has 5 convex and 5 concave angles, the center of the star is located at the center of the flag background, a convex angle turns straight up.

Meaning of Vietnam’s National Flag

The red flag background represents red blood, the color of enthusiasm, will, and belief of the Vietnamese people.

The yellow star expresses the color of yellow skin and the five-pointed star symbolizing the unity of all classes of the Vietnamese people including students, farmers, workers, merchants and soldiers.

The Vietnamese flag with a red background and a yellow star was officially recognized by the National Assembly of Vietnam in the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam adopted on November 9, 1946: “The flag of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam on a red background , there is a five-pointed golden star in the middle.”

The red flag with a five-pointed yellow star is solemnly used in all ceremonies and important events of the state, becoming a sacred symbol, representing the spiritual strength of the nation, and becoming the pride of the Vietnamese.

Through the development of the nation, the flag was edited in form to be more beautiful. However, its core and the meaningful content have not changed, and have become a impressive symbol.

How to use the Vietnamese flag

Here are the basic rules to use the Vietnamese red flag.

  1. When flying it, please pay attention to get the point of start straight up.
  2. Hanging the leader’s portrait together with the National Flag, the photo must be lower than the flag or put the image on the background under the star.
  3. The national flag is hung outdoors on the occasion of major holidays, vital political events, and the traditional New Year.
  4. The red flag must be at the clean places, easy to see.
  5. Do not use the old and fade colors of the flags.
  6. Use the correct scale of the flag.

The national flag in vital events

More than 75 years have passed, in the glorious journey of the nation, there is always the presence of the red flag with a yellow star as a sacred symbol, becoming a belief, a will, and a source of strength for the nation.

On May 7, 1954, a red flag flew over the roof of General Do Cat’s tunnel, confirming the victory of the Vietnamese army and people in the Dien Bien Phu campaign.

At 11:30 am on April 30, 1975, that flag fluttered again on the roof of the Independence Palace, affirming the complete victory of the historic Ho Chi Minh campaign to liberate the South.

On July 2, 1976, the National Assembly of Vietnam passed the Resolution, “The national flag of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has a red background with a five-pointed yellow star in the middle”.

Nowadays, the Vietnamese red flag is fluttering on important national holidays, in vital events of the country, on the streets and houses in Tet holidays,… The red flag with the golden star is forever flying, representing the freedom, independence and integrity of the country as well as the unity of the whole nation.

Frequently asked questions:

When did the yellow star red flag appear?

The red flag with a five-pointed yellow star appeared in 1940 in the revolutionary movement in Nam Ky (Cochinchina).

Who created this red flag?

The author of the flag is Nguyen Huu Tien, a former teacher, born on March 5, 1901 in Yen Bac commune, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province, Vietnam.


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