The beautiful islands in Vietnam to explore

Vietnam owns huge oceans where many islands stand. If you are a fan of peaceful places of blue sea, white sand, and sunshine, these beautiful islands in Vietnam are waiting for you.

1. Binh Hung Island in Khanh Hoa

binh hung island
Binh Hung island has a beautiful road. @yuyu.jinhe

Binh Hung is one of the most beautiful islands in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa province. It is right at the foot of the pass on the coastal road of Vinh Hy, Binh Tien, and Binh Hung.

This destination attracts a lot of travelers because of the clear blue water. You can clearly see the coral reef below and many special caves.

Although the beaches are not as long and wide as in Nha Trang City or Mui Ne, Binh Hung island has the advantage of being clean, and still wild with unique nature.

You can enjoy many fresh seafood dishes such as grilled lobster, sea snails, seafood porridge, blue squid, and grilled urchins when traveling to this island.

2. Cu Lao Cau in Binh Thuan

cu lao cau island
Most corners in this island are attractive for beautiful photos. @hg.sonie

Cu Lao Cau is the list as one of the most attractive Vietnamese islands because it owns plenty of beautiful attractions that still retain the wild features.

The island Cu Lao Cau is about 110km from Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan province, Vietnam) and about 8km from the mainland. The island is quite small, so it does not take you too much time to explore here.

Other famous attractions here can be mentioned as coral reefs, Yen cave, Ba Hon cave, and Nam Hai temple. Thousands of limestone blocks surrounding the island connect with each other to form amazing caves.

The fresh air and lovely natural scenery become a good choice for those who want to relax. The most beautiful time in Cu Lao Cau is from February to July, the weather is cool, the waves are calm, and suitable for swimming and exploring on the island.

3. Phu Quy Island in Binh Thuan

phu quy island in binh thuan
An attractive corner of Phu Quy Island. @irene27t

Binh Thuan belongs to south-central Vietnam, owning lots of wild beaches and a beautiful Phu Quy island. The most beautiful time of the year to visit this island is from December to June every year. This time has a clear and calm sea, suitable for beach vacations. To get here, you can catch a boat at Phan Thiet harbor (Binh Thuan Province) which takes 3 to 3.5 hours.

Phu Quy island can give you typical experiences and unforgettable beauty with beautiful beaches, clear blue water, snorkeling activities, surfing, board games, parachute…

Besides, many attractions here are waiting for you, such as Van An Thanh, the lighthouse, Linh Quang pagoda, Phu Quy island flagpole with the red flag and yellow star, Trieu Vuong bay … The highlight that appears most in the pictures from this island is the steep cliffs on Linh Son pagoda.

4. Hon Kho Island in Binh Dinh

hon kho island quy nhon binh dinh
Still maintain wild characters in Hon Kho island. @van.cao.1810

If you love scuba diving and watching coral, Hon Kho Island in Binh Dinh which is one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam become an ideal destination for you. Around 15km from Quy Nhon city center, you can rent a boat or canoe to move to the island.

To see the coral, you will not go far from the shore because the coral is right near the coast with a water level 1-2m deep. With a life jacket and swimming goggles, you can see the colorful coral reefs and fishes swimming around creating amazing scenery.

Besides, the unique natural scenery here will attract you surprised with the cliffs coming to the sea interspersed between pristine sandy beaches and clear blue water.

An exciting activity that can attract you is going fishing on small rocky cliffs, bringing an unforgettable feeling.

5. Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai

ly son island quang ngai province
Ly Son island has many domestic tourists, but still a few international travelers.

When traveling to Ly Son island, you will enjoy nice natural landscapes with the wild beauty that was formed under seismic tectonics and volcanic eruptions millions of years ago.

The best time for you to explore this island is from March to August every year when it is the dry season, the rain is less and sunnier. And, to reach Ly Son island, you take about an hour by speedboat from Sa Ky port.

The top famous landmarks in Ly Son Island are To Vo gate, Thoi Loi mountain, Cau cave, and Hang pagoda … So, many tourists like to come to these places that appear most in the pictures of tourists.

In addition, you should not ignore the garlic fields stretching many areas over the island, so this place is called the garlic kingdom.

Above are the lovely islands where you can spend your holidays on beautiful beaches in Vietnam. It is good to choose these destinations to stay away from the noisy city, giving you an e exciting moment for relaxation.

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