The traditional customs of Hue families preserving the cooking methods

Hue people have traditional customs since the old days “mother brings up children, grandmother brings up grand-children, sister brings up younger ones.”

Most of the Hue girls are well educated with the four attributes of an ideal woman: housework skills, appearance care, speech and behavior. The “housework skills” are the first standard, so the girls have to learn how to go to the market and how to cook everyday. Therefore, most of them can cook a lot of different dishes of local food very well.

The Hue people are very careful to cook and prepare the local dishes, because when enjoying the local food of Hue, you can look back on the soul of Hue people. Each dish is considered as a treasure of cuisine which is as lofty as the soul of the old Hue people.
The cuisine of Hue is known and developed by the traditional cooking families, the good chef and the famous villagers at the trading villages with many local special foods; many of them are now famous street food in Vietnam as well as in the world. Kim Long village is famous for snow-flaked cake, happy cake, and glutinous rice cake; steamed rice pancake village in Cho Cau; rice noodle soup (Banh Canh) in Nam Pho village or Noodle village in Van Cu.

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