Fish sauces of Hue at Dong Ba market

( Fish sauces of Hue become typical local food for not only Hue but also the Vietnamese. The fish sauce bottles are decorated very attractively, which makes most of the Vietnamese travelers coming to Hue wish to carry home as gifts.

Dong Ba Market, the famous destination in Hue, which is the busy business center of Hue people, cannot be missed by the guests to find the local sauces and explore the daily life.
hue fish sauce
Simply and rustically, the sauces become the special kind of Hue food in Hue cuisine culture, and are indispensable ingredients for cooking for many families and for eating with the other local food. It is just kinds of familiar sauce made from fishes and shrimps, but the Hue fish sauces – Shrimp sauce and fish sauce – make most of people feel very special taste, which is like the salty warm feeling of Hue people.

Coming here, you will find plenty of the Hue fish sauces. Most of the local markets, not only in Dong Ba Market, sell the fish sauces with many different kinds of them, but the most famous kind is the fish sauce of Ca Ro.

vietnamese fish sauces
Ca Ro fish sauce

Ca Ro is a kind of small fishes living at Thuan An Beach, like anchovies, which gets soft bones and sweeter taste. The local people of Hue choose this kind of fish to make typical fish sauce of Hue.

The fishes are caught from the Thuan An beach and are still fresh. The people clean them carefully and keep them absolutely not to be broken. The water to clean fishes is the sea water or is the same salty taste with the sea water. They wait for the water running out of the fishes; they mix the fishes with the salt with the combination of ratio of 6 parts of fishes and one part of salt; then they start putting all these fishes in the jar. After 10 days to 15 days, the fish sauce is ready to be served.

Besides, the visitors to Hue can select many other kinds of sauces: the fish sauces of tuna, anchovy and mackerel, the sauces of egg-plants or shrimp sauces, these are made by Hue women to get Hue style of cuisine.

fish sauces

Most of Hue fish sauces are not so salty, sweet, but they are always tasty and hot. If anyone just tries to taste the Hue fish sauces, they will love them later and new smell is added whenever eating them.

Especially, to eat the barbecue beef, it is not possible to be lack of Mam Nem – small shrimp sauce. Let’s try to put a few slices of beef with vegetables and dip them into the Mam Nem; add a peace of green pepper and chew them slowly and carefully. It is to feel new fleshy sweetness of the meat and tangy tasty taste of vegetable and sauce.

Or just eat a slice of pork side with the chopped figs and shrimp sauce, the good life is not nothing.

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