Find in the list of Vietnamese street food : Pho Hanoi – Hanoi Noodle

( Hanoi is the largest concentration of population in the north of Vietnam coming from different areas, which creates Hanoi the diversity of the cultural beauty. Telling about Vietnamese street food and Hanoi, we cannot miss Pho – Noodle – one famous Vietnamese noodle soup dish.
chicken vietnamese noodle soup
Pho is a very exquisite cuisine and carries a lot of different flavors depending on the talent of chefs. However, the main ingredient of Pho is noodle, fragrant broth, cinnamon, anise and roasted cardamom combined with sweet taste of over-cooked pork bones and thin sliced beef into Pho bowl.

When eating the Pho Hanoi Vietnamese noodle soup, it’s usually served with chili, fresh lemon squeezed into the broth to create the different taste.

Vietnamese noodle soup with exotic fragrance attracts the foodie lovers. There is nothing better than a cold winter morning, enjoy a bowl of hot noodle before working. Pho Hanoi – Hanoi noodle dishes are very easy to eat; everybody at all ages can eat without getting fat or sick.
vietnamese beef noodle soup recipe easy
What is the main part to make Pho delicious? The most important one is the Pho broth. Sweet broth from bones is not sweetness from sugar or MSG. The broth is clear and scented. To get the delicious broth, the chef needs to take bubble of the soup very carefully and meticulously when cooking. Recipes cooking broth depends on culinary experience of each person.

We can enjoy Pho Hanoi in luxury restaurants or can find it in many Vietnamese street food restaurants. There are many kinds of Pho noodle; but beef noodle soup or chicken Vietnamese noodle soup is very tasty and attractive.

You can enjoy different styles of the noodle dishes: Pho Kho – dry noodle, Pho Nuoc – Noodle soup, Pho Xao – stir-fried noodles… In spite of this, Pho Nuoc – Noodle Soup is the most attractive dish.
pho hanoi vietnamese noodle soup
For the Vietnamese people and foreign tourists, Vietnamese street food is considered a flavorful, skillful and subtle dishs, especially Pho Hanoi. Pho must be placed in a ceramic bowl so that it reveals its aesthetic culinary. When eating Pho Hanoi, lots of spices are also served with beautiful colors. Just smell the scent of the broth; it can make the foodie lovers feel ecstatic.

The flavor of the meat, bones, herbs blended together to create a special fragrance goes to the heart. When eating Pho Hanoi – Hanoi noodle soup, one should eat slowly to feel its taste. All ingredients blend to create typical characteristics of Pho.

Hanoi noodle dish is delicate and become characteristic flavor here. No words can adequately express the subtlety and good feelings while enjoying Pho Hanoi. This is a special Vietnamese street food attracting a lot of Hanoian as well as travelers.

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