18 reasons to smile and laughing everyday

Everyday is a smile. Someone can meet a lot of things including both difficulties and happiness everyday. He or she can feel stressful to overcome these. Let’s mile and laugh to open the door to enter the life more easily! Please read following reasons to smile and laugh everyday:

why should smile
Smile can help someone look younger

1 – Smile is the panacea which is good for the body and spirit.
2 – Smile makes us open-minded and generous with good optimism to love the life more.
3 – Laughing increases our blood run well to get good health.
4 – Laughing increases energy, this makes us more active.
5 – Smile is an opened door to connect with the people easily.

smile and happiness
Smile is a perfect natural medicine for our health

6 – Smile makes our face more beautiful to be loved more.
7 – Laughing is an enemy of stress to help us relax.
8 – Laughing can make the body pure, relaxed and peaceful.
9 – Laughing helps us avoid suffering a bitter mood.
10 – Laughing makes us get healthy mind and creative possibilities.
11 – Laughing helps us live more responsibly and more realistically.

smile vietnam
Smile makes someone become more attractive. (Tam Tit’s smile)

12 – Laughing can avoid depression and be easy successful because laughing is wisdom.
13 – Laughing is the shortest distance to touch the soul of a person.
14 – Laughing can stop the frustration and sadness of the others.
15 – Laughing helps us enjoy the present life, forget the past and worrying about the future.
16 – Laughing helps us come back to ourselves to get lovely life.
17 – Laughing can reduce arthritis and swollen joints.
18 – Laughing can avoid headaches, heart attack, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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